Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blogging Issues...

So, I have had many things I would love to post....but I have been unable to upload photos! I have a slew of them. I have been able to use my other Blogger hosted blog with no issues but what is a post with no photos? CRAP, that is what! So, I will tell you what is coming up because I think I have a trick around my issues. I will write my posts on my other blog and then I will copy the HTML on the other blog and paste it into this blog, that should solve the problem, or at least I hope. Anyway, I know that this blog has been slacking and there are a plethora of reasons, but here is what is to come:
  • Book Reviews
  • More Food Reviews
  • Gluten free in college
Well, I did mention a book review, one of the books is:

I am doing this book review unlike any other book review I ever have before, because this book has impacted me unlike any other book. If you are interested in ordering the book, please check out Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz website for more information.

Enjoy this video on how to make Dairy Free Cashew Dill Dip from the author of the Ice Dream Cookbook Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz