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Hi Everyone,

Welcome! Below are all of the posts that have ever mentioned a wheat/gluten intolerance on the Endless Possibilities blog. When I had my email running I was constantly asked to create a blog just for gluten free living. There are so many comments on the other blog that I don't publish because they are offensive to the gluten free community. I feel so misunderstood sometimes. Sometimes people think of this as a glorified eating disorder (like it is an excuse not to eat) or they just say the most uneducated things to me about it.

With urging from others I finally decided to do it tonight. So, if you would like to scroll down, you can see all of the postings from my other blog. If not, I will try to keep this blog current!

Once again, welcome!

Gluten Free Thanksgiving!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 11/27/08)

This was my first time eating gluten free at Thanksgiving. I ate without any issues or getting sick. My mom made this spinach and shrimp item that I liked last year with rice flour instead of wheat flour. I ate turkey, yams, mashed potatoes ( real ones, not flakes) and cranberry sauce. Each item had its own serving spoon and I watched everything carefully so I would not fall victim to cross contamination. I even had some special items to make sure that I could eat like everyone else:

Gluten Free Gravy:
This gravy was only 15 calories for 1/4 cup! It was really good and tasted like the regular gravy that contains wheat in it, at least what I remembered it to taste like.
Ice cream (which I can have but I didnt think a picture was needed) was served, pecan pie and pumpkin pie (both on the no list) and gluten free cookies and my wannabe eclair cake.

The cookies:
The Eclair Cake with recipe and how to pictures:

I got the recipe from here.

2 small boxes of Jell-O instant French Vanilla pudding (must be French Vanilla)
8 oz pkg of Cool Whip, thawed
1 container of milk chocolate frosting
2 boxes of GF Vanilla cookies or you can use Gluten Free graham crackers

How To Make:
Mix pudding according to the package directions. Let it set up in fridge. Mix in cool whip once it has set up.

Layer vanilla cookies in the bottom of a pan. I used a tiny pan but the link has the recommended pan size.

Top with ½ of pudding/cool whip mixture. Layer vanilla cookies over pudding. Top with the remaining pudding/cool whip mixture. Top with vanilla cookies. Let this set up for a few hours or overnight.

Then frost cookies with milk chocolate frosting (USE Pillsbury and not Betty Crocker...that brand contains wheat). This tastes the best if you make it the night before.

I thought it was good but it tasted more like a Boston Cream Pie to me than an eclair. It is still something I would make again. Having it sit overnight is a total must because the cookies dissolve into the perfect consistency. What I miss about the experience is that you cant pick it up and bite into it like an eclair. It is still good though and everyone that tried it liked it. No one could tell the difference that it was a gluten free dessert.

Mimi's Cafe!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 11/17/08)

I went with my mom and grandma yesterday and they have a gluten free menu! I thought I would spread the word! Yippee, another place to go eat without having to think about how to alter items!

Uncle Bear's Gluten Free Hamburgers

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog On 11/15/08)

I was too drained to cook and my mom was too. We decided to eat dinner at Uncle Bear's. I was excited because they have Gluten Free hamburger buns! I didn't take a picture because I forgot my camera...hey, I have a lot on my mind!

So here is my review:

Decent and edible! I would order it again! It looked more like a biscuit than a hamburger bun, but who cares? It was pretty good tasting too...especially if you have forgotten what a bun tastes like.

Also, they have french fries that are safe from cross contamination. I asked about how they were cooked and the process of cooking. I ate some of their fries ( I know...since I was glutened so badly this last week, why risk it? ) and they were really good! I didn't get sick from the fries at all.

If you have celiacs and you live in AZ, you should try the gluten free food at UNCLE BEAR'S. They also have GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!

I abhor hospitals

( Posted on 11/14/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

So, on Wendesday, I had four seizures in less than 24 hours, lip numbness, a terrible migraine and ringing in my ears. Jared witnessed three of the seizures (I will write in the love blog when I am up to date with homework) and the fourth occurred outside of the er in front of a nurse and some EMTs...mortifying to say the least.

They admitted me into the hospital on Wednesday. They did a slew of test. The seizures showed up on none of the tests.

Then I got some news that I am not yet ready to share on here. I am still sitting with it. Only my close family and Jared know. When I am ready to write about it, I will. It isn't anything to worry about so, please, no one go into a panic. I just need time to process things.

A bunch of tests later...including the one I have written about twice...the one with the glue that always gets stuck in my hair took place. I forget the name of it. I am drained.
My heart was in bradycardia. I think it is always beating slow. They woke me up from sleep a few times to make sure I was ok.

I was discharged today. I just feel tired. I still have the ringing. I still have the numb lips. I still have the headaches.

But I have love.

I have the love of Jacob, who was super sweet with me after his nap.

I have the love of my incredible boyfriend. He is my amazing ear and my comforting embrace through this. He hears me complain. He hears my ups and downs through this all. His hugs provided me comfort. He was my ride home today. My sushi lunch date too because gluten free hospital food is even worse than normal hospital food.

I have the love of my awesome friends. Kelly came to visit my drug induced self in the hospital. I was on pain pills most of the time and she was there. She also came to visit today. Then there is Ashley who is also my ear. She has a medical background so she is giving me advice, thoughts and just being there.

And I have the love of family. I feel so blessed and surrounded with warmth. There were times during this where I felt dismal. I think the only one who heard this was Jared during one of my sedated rants.

I am glad to be home.

I missed a ton of homework. I had no internet and I felt so miserable while I was there, that I would have been unable to do it anyway. Tonight I spent most of the night looking at the screen.

Like I said, I will update the love blog soon. I have a new pic to post and some other stuff to write about.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

GLUTENED { contains Too Much Information and profanity)

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 11/11/08)

After our walk and the music store, Kelly and I went to Whole Foods. I have been craving éclairs for months. I need to have one. Stephanie sent me a recipe for gluten free éclairs but they just seem like too much work...she even thought so.

I found an easy recipe for this thing that promises to taste like an éclair that is half of the work. You just can’t pick it up and eat it like and éclair. I am not sure what it looks like because it doesn't provide a picture. I am going to make it soon and I will review it...with a picture.

So, Kelly and I went to Whole Foods so I could get some of the things I needed to make it and also to see if I could get a gluten free pastry from their bakery. I have been dying for a pasty.

The only time I really hate having celiacs is when I pass by the baker’s case and know that everything is off limits, at Whole Foods they were bound to have something I could have...hopefully. We get there and ask.

The BAKERY BITCH (she earned the name because I feel lied to and deceived, my intestines hate her), pointed out the gluten free items. She then points to these amazing looking things covered in chocolate with this mouse inside. It says wheat free on the label. I point that out. She said something like it was gluten free and I would be fine.

BAKERY BITCH was so convincing. BAKERY BITCH swears it won’t get me sick. BAKERY BITCH gives me a description of this pastry, that for someone that has not had a proper baked goods in a long time could almost have a big O ( and by big O...I am not referring to Oprah) from listening to them. Oprah surely would have had a big O and she doesn’t have celiacs.

Yet again BAKERY BITCH says they are WHEAT FREE but with NOTHING IN THEM that would make anyone GLUTEN INTOLERANT sick. I purchase the baked good.

I eat the baked good. I praise BAKERY BITCH in my head, but for that short moment she was not BAKERY BITCH but BAKERY GODDESS. She had given me the satisfaction that I had been seeking for months. A really good pastry; I had great tasting cakes on my birthday but I craved a yummy pastry! I had now had it!

Well, it was short lived. I felt the all too familiar rumble in my stomach. I felt the hot and colds. I felt the impending doom. Jacob was up. My mom was not home. I felt sick and I knew it was BAKERY BITCH'S fault. I was trying to avoid getting sick.

Poor Jacob must have hated me. He had to be in the bathroom with me. As my insides ruptured in the bathroom I think I casted a plague on BAKERY BITCH'S house and her first born.

There were times where I thought the glutening was over and then it came back. My mom ended up going to the gym last night. I had to make Jacob dinner and put him to bed while dealing with one of the most violent glutenings of my life.

I got this horrible headache. It was so bad that I had to ask for an extension on my homework and I don’t even know if I got it. I couldn’t look at the computer. I was in bed early. I woke up through the night...GLUTENED.

This lasted for hours. I never had a glutening last so long.

I should have known better. I should have gone for the specific gluten free sign. BAKERY BITCH was too convincing.


(Originally Published on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/25/08)

I discovered these recently and they are so good that I had to let you all know about it. I bought the blueberry flavor for Jacob and he really liked it. I checked out the ingredients and it turns out it is GLUTEN FREE! Woo hoo, something I can eat!

It is also 90 calories a pack, has 25% vitamin A&D, is enriched with calcium, and is low in fat. It has live cultures in it too.


(Originally Published On 10/21/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

If you have tried to find the gluten free menu from Olive Garden online it is pretty challenging. They recommend contacting Olive Garden directly...let me save you that step, I have the coveted gluten free menu in my possession!

  • Garden-Fresh Salad without croûtons
  • Caesar Salad without croûtons


  • Steak Toscano
  • Pork Filettino
  • Herb -Grilled Salmon
  • Mixed Grill
  • Mixed Grill (Chicken)
  • Children's Grilled Chicken
There you guys have it. You can always ask for the menu if you guys are there. This is the menu for Arizona, I am am not sure if it changes per state.

My Mom's Shrimp Taco's

(Originally Posted On the Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/19/08)

These tacos were so good that I had to share! My mom made these tonight and I cant wait to have these again. This is one easy recipe!

  • bag of shredded coleslaw
  • half a red onion (chopped)
  • two garlic cloves (minced)
  • a bunch of cilantro (chopped)
  • two tomatoes (chopped)
  • two cucumbers (chopped)
  • red pepper (chopped)
  • a bag of cooked and de-veined shrimp
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • three freshly squeezed limes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Taco shells (use 100% corn taco shells to make this gluten free)
How to Make:

Combine all of the ingredients together (except taco shells) in a large bowl and mix well. Then stir fry in a large wok or large pan for 15 minutes on medium high heat. Stir continuously.
Then stuff taco shells with mixture, eat and enjoy!

Gluten Free Goodness!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on October 17, 2008)

My cravings have not been as intense since I have been implementing Stephanie's advice. I am trying to eat a little bit more carbs in my diet. This has been challenging since I don't really like the taste of products posing as my formerly favorite foods. But as my wise boyfriend says, "I have to try it to know if I like it." He is right, I am finding that there is a lot of gluten free foods that are really not that gross.

Last night I had pizza for dinner! My mom purchased these pizza crusts:

The only downer to this was that the package didnt come with cooking directions! Hello, how were we supposed to know the oven settings and time?

Then we put organic marinara sauce, cheese and some salami on the pizza!

Then this morning before my walk with Jacob, I decided to eat something other than my usual eggs or yogurt. I had a gluten free waffle with defrosted frozen strawberries, and a little sugar free syrup. It was really good!

It was the perfect breakfast before our walk! Jacob even enjoyed it!

Celebrating Melissa's Birthday!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/5/08)

Last night I went out with Melissa to celebrate her birthday! We started the night out by going to this Vietnamese restaurant.This is us on the way to the restaurant.

This is us there:

These are my plain rice noodles...they sucked and were not edible...

Then we went to get gelato! It was a birthday celebration, so ice cream was in order! Then we decided to celebrate the same way that we did when Melissa was in 10th grade...we went to PETER PIPER PIZZA to play games!

I smoked her in air hockey!

Then we cashed in our tickets. Melissa got this lovely bracelet.

I had more points than she did! I got this cool snap bracelet!

Then we went to this British pub.

We had plans to meet my mom at this country bar where she dances, but first I wanted to see Jared at his work to give him a quick kiss! I was happy because Melissa got to meet him! It was great sneak in some extra time with him!
Then we met up with my mom. I don't really like country music very much but I had a great time. I learned to country dance too! Here are some pictures from our outing:

Later we hung out at my house where the urge to bake struck! I baked a bunch of cookies that I ended taking when I saw Jared and our friends this morning. Here are just some of the over 40 cookies I made. They were not gluten free, so I couldn't eat them.

Back Off My Toaster!

(Originally Published On The Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/5/08)

My mom is the best! She surprised me with my own toaster yesterday! She purchased some gluten free waffles for me a while ago but our toaster had contaminated me. Thanks mom!

Uncle Bear's Gluten Free Pizza!

(Published On 9/28/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

I went to Uncle Bear’s to try their gluten free pizza! They have a thin crust pizza with a variety of toppings. Ordered a cheese, mushroom and black olive pizza and it was really good! I haven’t had pizza since going gluten free; so it was great to not be disappointed on my first try!


(Originally published on 9/22/08 on the Endless Possibilities blog)

The other night I thought I was going to nuts if I didn't eat melted cheese on a corn tortilla. I am not kidding. Then the next morning I had to eat fried fish (with rice flour) and eggs at breakfast. Later that day I needed more melted cheese. Last night, I got the cheese craving again. I don't have these cravings every day but when they strike, watch out!

Then I remembered Stephanie's blog post about her craving for tomatoes. It is unfortunate that one of my best friends also has to deal with celiac's disease but I am also very lucky to not have to go at this alone. She has had this for a lot longer than I have. I am a newbie with it, I am always asking her questions and learning from her.

So, Steph (and anyone else who wants to give it a go) me figure out exactly what my body is lacking...

In order to reduce the chances of being contaminated by gluten, I eat the same foods daily. My staples are: yogurt, tuna, fruits, veggies,cheese, and chicken.

I was looking on an awesome website that Stephanie introduced me to, GLUTEN FREE FORUM, and it turns out food cravings are common with celiacs. I thought it was going to be people complaining that they cant eat scones. I read about people craving mushrooms, tomatoes, and other random foods.

Well, today I woke up not craving anything. I ate yogurt for breakfast. A standard for me. Then a craving hit for lunch... EGGS but not just eggs. It had to be eggs...sunny side up on french fries.

Maybe I need more protein? I already take a heavy duty gluten free prenatal vitamin. Hum..I am puzzled...what do I need to knock these cravings out? They are getting annoying! Steph, do you still crave tomatoes?

Edward& Son's Organic Miso Soup

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 9/11/08)

I was feeling creative today during Jacob's nap. I got some homework done, I blogged and I decided to make Jacob a small homemade pot pie with some chicken and veggies, which he loved. I also was looking forward to trying Edward & Son's Organic Miso Soup. It is gluten free (most packaged miso soups are not), only 35 calories per packet and easy because all I had to do was add boiling water.

I had wanted miso soup lately because I have gotten into it because I had been enjoying it at dinners with Jared but I had been getting sick after because it had gluten in it. This soup seemed promising. The box even said "Delicious Soup In Seconds!"...LIES!

I fed Jacob his pot pie, which he devoured and then I was pretty hungry for my lunch. I had boiled the water and I opened the pouch. I followed the simple directions and I anticipated miso soup heaven.

Not so! HORRID. I wouldn't try this product again. It was disgusting. This soup should be a Fear Factor challenge. I ended up eating tuna!

The Amazing Cake Kelly Made for Me!

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 9/11/08)

This is yummy gluten free cake recipe that Kelly used to make my birthday cake:

She got the recipe from All Recipes. Com

Original recipe yield 1 - 8 inch round cake

Servings: 8


  • 4 (1 ounce) squares semisweet chocolate, chopped
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Grease an 8 inch round cake pan, and dust with cocoa powder.
  2. In the top of a double boiler over lightly simmering water, melt chocolate and butter. Remove from heat, and stir in sugar, cocoa powder, eggs, and vanilla. Pour into prepared pan.
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes. Let cool in pan for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack and cool completely. Slices can also be reheated for 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave before serving.

Thanks Kelly for emailing me this a few days ago to post! I am a few days behind on this! This cake was amazing, everyone that tried it loved it!

Dulce De Leche Gluten Free Cake!

(Originally posted on Endless Possibilities Blog on 9/5/08)

I was taking a little break from doing some homework and I was answering some blog emails. I was asked about the birthday cakes that I was made. I was able to get the recipe from my Mom on this one. I was not able to ask Kelly for the one she had made me, but I was already planning on posting hers once I received it! I am glad you guys want to know, both cakes were really good!

Here is the recipie to my Dulce De Leche Birthday Cake:

  • Follow the directions to the Gluten Free Pantry Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix. It looks like this:

  • My Mom used the batter to fill up two small round cake pans.
  • 1/2 cup, white and milk chocolate chips into each pan
  • Follow baking directions
  • cool
  • remove from pan
  • put one of the cakes in a serving dish
  • put whipped cream on top of the cake on the serving dish. Place defrosted strawberries on the top.
  • Over the strawberries, place the other cake
  • Frost both cakes with Dulce De Leche
  • Garnish with dollops of whipped cream, berries and chocolate!

Yummy Cookies!

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 8/29/08)

I usually don't try gluten free breads or cookies. I usually find them lacking in flavor and in texture. The night that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my mom came home with these:

I normally let Stephanie try out all of the gluten free products and then read her blog review and decide if it is worth a try. I have started to read other gluten free blogs because I have felt bored with what I have been eating lately.

I decided to try these cookies this morning and they were really good. They tasted just like I remember cookies to taste.

Gelato 64!

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 8/28/08)

My mom called me while she was on her way home from work. She wanted to know if after dinner I wanted to go to my favorite Asian market to get some rice noodles. I did, so I was getting Jacob ready to go while she made the commute home. We ate dinner and went to LeeLee's market.

While we were there, I wanted to pick up some miso soup since I had enjoyed some when I went out with Jared the last two times we had Sushi. Both, times I had gotten sick but I thought it wasn't related, since I am always vomiting. I looked at the ingredients and there was something in the soup with the name gluten..something. I don't remember the exact name. I just searched the web and it said that a lot of pre-made miso soups are not gluten free, so that may be why I got sick after eating it. Anyways, if you cant eat gluten, don't eat miso soup unless you know for sure what is in it!

LeeLee's is right next to my favorite places to get gelato. I love Gelato 64. It is yummy and they have my favorite flavor, hazelnut. I also love amaretto, which they have too. It was getting late, but I decided to make an exception and keep Jacob out past his bedtime. I don't take him for ice cream often and he was being so cute. Here are some pics from our outing:

With gelato on his face:

My mom feeding him :

Go Fit Sugar!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 8/22/08)

I have mentioned the sugar websites before, I love them. They have everything you could ever want to read about. I really enjoy the Fitsugar site. Look at what they decided to write on:

"Somewhere between leaving home after high school and graduating college, I toyed with the idea of giving up gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. So many people I knew were living gluten free lives and claimed to feel so much better for giving it up. In fact, gluten free living seems to be on the rise.

Doctors estimate that one percent of the US population has Celiac disease, an extreme intolerance to gluten, but according to food marketers upwards of 15 to 25 percent of food consumers (that's you and me) want gluten free foods. Many see eating gluten free as a new fad diet. You all remember that Oprah Winfrey 21 day cleanse included giving up gluten."

It sucks that I am in the one percent. Check out FITSUGAR for this article and to look at the site. I am glad that I am not alone in my battle again gluten alone though. My best friend also has to deal with Celiac's , this is her blog.

Woe Is Wheat

(Published on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 8/3/08)

Emily and I were talking on messenger last night. She told me to get on the yum sugar website and go on a scavenger hunt. She knows I hate yum sugar. I love all of the other sugars but yum sugar website focuses on food; food that I am mostly allergic to. She told me to find the newest food that I would be kicking myself in the proverbial balls over.

What the hell, I looked.

My mouth salivated, there it was...something totally new. Something cruel, fatty and totally covered in goodness. It was something that would make my intestines rupture in pain and my bowels ache for mercy with one bite...not worth it. Yum sugar is hell for someone like me. It is like porn for a priest...look but don't spank (please Catholics, no emails, just a bad joke. No harm. No blasphemy!)

Thats right, fried mac and cheese! I loved mac and cheese. I know that I can make gluten free mac but I just don't find it as good. Plus add the fried concept and it just seems more...hum..whats the word...artery clogging. Jack And The Box is adding this to their menu for you lucky people not allergic to this calorie laden delight. While you are eating this, I will be munching on my rice cracker!

Check out the rest of the info on it at : YUMSUGAR

Celebrating Grandma's 84th Birthday!

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 7/26/08)

My Grandma's 84th birthday is on July 27th. She already has plans on her big day so we decided to go out tonight to celebrate. We went to Bobby's at Kirland Common's in Scottsdale.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner. A caution to anyone who has a wheat intolerance because they coat their fish in flour prior to cooking it. Luckily, I told them of my intolerance prior to ordering and I was able to enjoy my dinner with out getting sick

Grandma made a wish and blew out her candle.

Grandma with her perfume.

After dinner we decided to go up to the upper level. They have a bar area with live music. We took the elevator and my grandma got hit on! We were all laughing at it because it was so endearing! We later saw her Romeo dancing with his wife. This is the guy who was hitting on her:

The singer serenaded my sister. I captured it on video but for some reason the video feature on blogger wasn't working well tonight. So, here is a picture of it:

I think we all enjoyed tonight!