Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thai Kitchen: Pad Thai & A Taste Tai: Toasted Coconut Fortune Cookies!

Thai food and I do not normally get along. I do not like spicy food at all so I was a bit hesitant at trying Thai products. I have had it in the past but the really tame products like some mushroom soup but these two products were calling my name...

Thai Kitchen: Single Serving Pad Thai:
I love that this item is already measured out for me and I do not have to do any guess work on servings because it is perfectly packaged! I also like that if I don't know what to eat for lunch, it is easy to make. I am always looking for easy meals and this is pretty simple.

As for taste, some bites were sweet and some bites had a kick of spice. It wasn't that spicy though and I was able to enjoy it enough to want to purchase this item again.

The Stats:

Serving size: 1 package
Calories: 230
Total Fat: 2.5 grams
Total carbs:49 grams
Protein: 4 grams

A Taste Of Thai: Toasted Coconut Fortune Cookies

I don't even bother looking at fortune cookies...why bother putting my self through torture? However, when I saw fortune cookies and gluten free on the same box, I jumped for joy! When I saw the coconut flavor, I became intrigued!

I had these for desert right after my Thai Kitchen dinner and my boyfriend was there to try them along with me. I have to say, I didn't know what to expect. I remember what regular fortune cookies tasted like and these blow them out of the water! They are 100 times better (well, that is if you like a slight coconut taste, if not, I would refrain) because I usually only got the fortune cookie for the fortune not the actual cookie. Now, my problem was not only wanting to eat more to find out what my next fortune said, because these fortunes are much more adorable than the standard ones and wiser but also because they were so tasty I wanted more!

The Stats:
Serving Size: 5 cookies (woo hoo! I can be a glutton without the guilt!)
Calories: 89
Fat: 4 grams
Carbs: 13 grams
Protein: less than one gram

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fresh & Easy is making it EASY!

I received an email from Sallie over at Fresh & Easy letting me know that today Fresh & Easy was going to launch a few more gluten free items onto their shelves! They are also going to make those products easy to find with new labeling:
Now you can now print out a gluten free shopping guide to take with you to the store, here! Make sure that you go to your local Fresh and Easy to see these changes for yourself! How exciting, I love it when the world becomes more gluten free friendly!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Email is back! On this blog and the Impressions Of My Life At The Moment blog, I have gotten questions about how to contact me since I took email down last year. Well, it is back! The requests have been picking up even more lately so put it back up. Topics people have been wanting to discuss range from parenting, Celiac disease, fibromyalgia, to the IUD issue I have had. Readers have asked me not to publish on my comments section, but a lot of the time, I had no real way of giving a proper response so this solves the problem! So, I am glad to have the email back up! My email information is on the right of the blog, use it if you need it, I will try to check it often.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first ever video review! Udi's Gluten Free Muffins!

I tried Udi's Gluten Free Muffins last week! So, I made a video on Friday about my experience with Udi's:

Update from the video: My non-gluten free boyfriend said they were fantastic!

The Stats:

The Blueberry Muffins:
Serving Size: 1 muffin
Calories: 24o calories
Total Fat: 8 grams
Carbs: 41 grams
Sugars: 24 grams
Protein: 2 grams

Lemon Streusel Muffins:
Serving Size: 1 muffin
Calories: 280
Total Fat: 11 grams
Carbs: 43 grams
Sugars: 23 grams
Protein: 2 grams

For more information about Udi's please check out their website.