Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amy's Spinach Rice Crust Pizza

I tried this a few days ago and I have to say that I think my review is slightly tainted. Nothing can taste as good to me as that Glutino Pizza I reviewed a few posts ago. But, in all fairness, let me back this up:
  • this crust was not nearly as crunchy...in fact I couldn't pick up the pizza and just eat it. A fork and knife were required.
  • the taste was good but the Glutino taste was better
  • the price of Glutino pizza was less at my local Sprouts Market!
Would I eat this again?


Would I purchase this again?

Sure...but not if I spot the other pizza first!

The final verdict:
This pizza is so-so!

The Stats:
I suck and I forgot to write them down before I threw out the box...sorry! Um...don't eat the whole pie and your waistline wont cry?? Does that cover it?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I heart Ring Tings!

The Review:
(Steph...I stole these pics off your blog...I was such a glutton that by the time I remembered the take my own picture, I didn't think it would look that pretty...let that be a testimonial to how good they are!)

One of my best friends and fellow blogger, Stephanie, had a box of Gluten Free Ring Tings sent to my house!
She reviewed these on her blog a while back and they sounded so good! I have to admit my mouth watered after reading her review about cream filled delights! She told me a few weeks ago that she was sending me some and I was waiting for the post man ever since!

They arrived at the perfect time! The night prior I had been sniffing a cupcake for two hours. I know...WHAT IS THIS GIRL TALKING ABOUT? Well, it was my boyfriend's birthday and he had to go in for to work to do some accounting in the middle of the night to help out. I took the opportunity to surprise him by decorating his room and I had this Hostess cupcake sitting next to me for two hours until he got home. I could smell it and I wanted it and then I watched him eat it!

When I got home from my boyfriend's house, the UPS box was waiting for me! I opened it up and after my gluten free dinner I ate one of these delicious items!

Ring Tings have cured my eclair craving! Yes, that is right! For those of you that have heard me complain for months, I no longer am on the search for a gluten free eclair...but, if you find one, you can send it my way!

Thanks Stephanie! These were awesome!

The Stats:

Serving Size: One Ring Ting
Calories: 220
Fat:13 grams

-Gluten Free
-Casein Free
- Lactose Free
- Soy Free
- Zero Trans Fat

Made by Shabtai Goumet

Friday, December 26, 2008


I know that the sellers of the Seacret products in Arizona are super pushy. They do not take NO for an answer. I was forced into buying this a few years ago when Jacob was maybe five months old and having a major meltdown/ crying fit. The lotion came with a nail kit they were pushing and I just bought the kit to get out of there and they brought the price down from $75 to $20.

I know, where were my hypothetical balls? I had none! My son was having a tantrum, these people didn't care that I was a new mother! They just wanted a sale and they had my hand in their possession and they kept rubbing oil on my cuticle.

So, this brings me to yesterday...

I had just gotten out of the shower and I was in a rush to get ready. My standard lotion had run out and I saw the unused and untouched Seacret lotion bottle sitting on my shelf. I opened the bottle and smelled it. It smelled like cucumber mellon and I decided to rub it all over me! It smelled like heaven. I got dressed and then I started to itch.


WAS IT OLD? I have used older lotion than that. Lotions are like Twinkies ( well, when Twinkies were on the approved food list) they don't have expiration dates...

The itching got worse.

I grabbed the bottle.
It looked like that but said Cucumber Mellon on it. Upon further inspection I found out that there was wheat in the ingredients.

Remember, it was Christmas, I guess Santa did not like me this year :(

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Last night I went to a really fun Christmas party! It was freezing and required my mom and I to have a million layers of shirts under our jackets! It was a chili party and almost all of the food was off limits :(

Aside from taking my own microwavable dinner ( I decided on going last minute..review will be added soon) there was some food I was able to eat!

This one lady made her own tamales! She told me everything that was in them and she swore up and down that I could have them. I ate them and I was fine! They were so good!

I also ate homemade fudge that just consisted of chocolate, condensed milk and vanilla extract. I was a very happy person! When I made fudge long ago, I would put a tiny amount of flour in it.



Michelle :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Foods to Avoid...I am sure I am missing some ... please..add them in the comments!

So, I have a list of items I personally avoid written on my fridge. I am going to share the list, if there is anything missing, please add to it if I am missing anything!

  • wheat
  • spelt
  • triticale
  • kamut
  • rye
  • barley
  • einkorn
  • emmer
  • wheat starlen
  • wheat bran
  • wheat grerm
  • cracked wheat
  • hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • durum flour
  • bromated flour
  • enriched flour
  • farina
  • graham flour
  • plain four
  • self rising flour
  • semonina
  • white flour
  • matzo
  • OATS
  • MSG ( it affects me)

Monday, December 22, 2008

An Amazing Lunch With My Boyfriend's Family, Contaminated At My Own Hanukkah and Really Good Cocoa Mix!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went over to his families house for lunch. Luckily, Karmen, Jared's sister reads this and my other blogs so she is familiar with gluten free living. The night prior to us going over, I was babysitting my friends son and Jared told me that they were making us enchiladas! I panicked over the sauce! Then he quickly said that Karmen the looked at the ingredients and she saw that there was wheat in that so she found another thing to make.

I cant tell you how touched I am that the whole family worked so hard to make me a meal that I could enjoy too. They hand made me tacos and taquitos . They read everything that they put into it and they made sure not to cross contaminate me. I had a wonderful time!
Review of lunch:

* * * * * * * * * * ** ** ** **
Last night started Hanukkah. It was my first gluten free Hanukkah and my mom told me she would make everything gluten free so I wouldn't have to worry. So, while I was gone, she was cooking. We sat down to eat and she served this rice with chicken and carrot meal, this lentil and turkey bacon dish and a Middle Eastern salad. I bit into the rice and I knew something didn't taste right, sometimes I can just tell. Am I the only one who can just tell? Like sometimes I blindly eat something and get sick but sometimes I can just tell.

So, I ask her if she put chicken broth in the rice and she said yes. I knew...most broth...MSG {I know MSG is a hot topic amongst us! I get a rash:( } I got a rash and my tongue got itchy.

She didn't read the ingredients. She knows that she needs to read everything. She told me that she didn't think she needed to read it! URRG! I hate getting sick! Even if it is a rash. So, it wasn't horrible but still uncomfortable.

The rest of the dinner was good. Review of just being contaminated:

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

As I type, I am sipping this amazing Hot Cocoa that Jared's family made me. Karmen got the recipe from a magazine (I forgot the name, so I cant give credit to where it is due). It is really yummy and gluten free! I love cocoa!


1 1/2 c. unsweetened cocoa
1 1/4 c. sugar
6 oz semi -sweet chocolate chip cookies
1/4 tsp. salt

Mix 3 tablespoons cocoa mis with 1 cup milk in microwave safe mug. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 min -2 min or until blended and HOT, stirring once. * Add whipped cream on top if desired.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Amy's Gluten Free Rice Mac & Cheese

The Stats:
There are 400 Calories and 16 grams of fat in the serving. There are no trans fat, no preservatives & no engineered indigents. Easy to cook. I made it in a microwave!

The Review:
I have been enjoying this gluten free mac & cheese for a while now. It is the best comfort food! I have eaten this three times now.

Woo hoo, now for the first time I get to use my handy dandy rating system!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Rating System!

From now on, when I do food reviews, I will add a photo of me in all of my glory! So, if I liked a food, you will see this lovely photo:
Notice the obvious excitement! Wow, gluten free is yummy! Wow, try this!

If I thought a food was so-so:

I cant decide...did I like it...did I not? Hum... so hard...

And if a food was less than stellar:

Yes, that is a thumbs down in the picture...my sadness for the food over shadows my thumbs down though :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nana's Cookie Bars...

Excuse the side view of the first picture, I am having issues with blogger today, but you are getting two reviews for one today.

I saw these on clearance at Sprouts the other week with my mom. They were two for five dollars. They are not only gluten free but also vegan. They are also made with fruit juice, no refined sugar, no artificial anything and no...well...not much of anything...which you will find out once you try them...hence being on clearance.

I did like the fudge flavor much better than the chocolate much. I would eat these in a pinch but these would not be my go to snack, but they are edible. They are no where near as bad as that soup I once reviewed.

Oh, and there were these weird little crunchy things in them. What was that? Does anyone know? The whole time my internal dialogue was freaking out about what I was consuming. All natural my gluten free bum, I bet I was eating something artificial! There was something not right about Nana's Cookie Bars.

Has anyone else had these?

Monday, December 8, 2008

And she is usually so supportive...

My friend Kelly is usually so supportive of my gluten intolerance. We bake gluten free together (check out our chocolate creations a few posts down!) and she even made me a gluten free birthday cake, but today she was just not feeling like dealing with a celiac like myself :(

Case in point:

These are from a bakery that I sometimes walk by. They usually advertise that they have hot gluten filled items ready to ruin my intestines and make me curse the day I started suffering from this awful thing called celiacs. Ok, so maybe the sign doesn't actually say that but it does say something about hot baked goods :(

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trader Joe's Sweet Bail Pesto Smoked Chicken & Turkey Sausage

These are all natural, MSG free, gluten free (obviously), 170 calories per link (4 links in a package) low in carbohydrates (1g) and high in protein (21 g) . They are also easy to cook, you just decide on if you want to pan fry, bake, BBQ, or broil for 12-14 minutes on medium heat.

The taste is really good. I totally recommend these yummy sausage links! They are not overwhelming with the pesto and they are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. These will make it on my standard Trader Joe's Shopping List.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Glutino Gluten Free Pizza: Spinach & Feta

I have been wanting a good pizza for a few days. When I was at Sprouts with my mom & son today and I saw this on sale and I couldn't resist ( I couldn't resist a lot of items, so a lot of items will be reviewed in the next few days) .

I think of Glutino as a really good brand, a brand that I have come to trust. I cant really say that I have been let down by Glutino before.

The directions were super easy. All you do is place the pizza in a preheated oven at 400 degrees F or 200 C and bake for 15 to 17 minutes.

Here is the finished pizza:
It is a personal pizza but it looked and smelled so delicious that I offered some to my mom. She tried some first and thought it was delicious. I tried some and also thought it was delicious!

Here is why this pizza gets a stellar review:

  1. It is freaking yummy! I would eat it even if I didn't have to eat gluten free.
  2. It had great texture. It was crunchy!
  3. The whole pizza was 430 calories. I think that is pretty good.


I have been craving an éclair for months now. It is freaking ridiculous. I made an éclair wannabe on Thanksgiving that ended up tasting like a Boston Cream Pie.

Well, there is this Gluten Free Bakery around here called

Gluten-Free Creations Bakery

I have been calling them since I have been craving éclairs and they told me that they would have them for the holidays. I checked the holiday page on the website and éclairs are not listed. I called and éclairs are not part of their holiday menu.

I feel cheated. I kept thinking on Thanksgiving that an éclair was only a few short weeks away from entering my mouth. I wanted an éclair so bad.

I am sure some of you can relate to my disappointment. You get something stuck in your head that you have to have. Maybe not an éclair but something that you cannot find in this sometimes non-gluten free friendly world.

And this post is not a dig against Gluten Free Creations. I am glad they exist. I am glad they are around to give people with celiacs options. I just wish they followed through with their promise of éclairs.

Friday, December 5, 2008

For the love of chocolate!

Yesterday, my adorable friend Kelly and I had a very domesticated day. We decided to make our own chocolate bars ! Kelly has molds that are perfect for making bars and it was a fun way to spend our day!

Kelly mixing the chocolate:
Just some of the molds we used with the end result (these were the Hazelnut Coconut Chocolate Bars, shaped like owls) :

All of our chocolate, well what was left by the time I remembered to take a picture...

A mommy has to brag...


- 2 bags of chocolate chips (we mixed semisweet & milk chocolate)

- for glossy chocolate (we didnt do this, but you can) add vegetable oil, go by sight...start out slowly with oil. Do not drown chocolate!

-Melt chocolate until it is in a nice smooth constancy and stirs well.

- Use the prep method listed above.
- Add lavender extract a few drops at a time. In the case of lavender, taste as you go because it is very strong and too much can cause it to taste like soap. If you mess up, just add more melted chocolate and stir very well until the lavender taste is more even.
- Fill molds with mixture and place in refrigerator or freezer until firm.
*DO NOT PUT OIL IN PLASTIC MOLDS, just tap it out and it will slide out.

-Use the prep method listed above.
- Add a 2 tablespoons Hazelnut spread to melted chocolate, such as Nutella. We used a different spread.
-Mix well
- Fill molds with mixture and place in refrigerator or freezer until firm.
*DO NOT PUT OIL IN PLASTIC MOLDS, just tap it out and it will slide out.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Hi Everyone,

Welcome! Below are all of the posts that have ever mentioned a wheat/gluten intolerance on the Endless Possibilities blog. When I had my email running I was constantly asked to create a blog just for gluten free living. There are so many comments on the other blog that I don't publish because they are offensive to the gluten free community. I feel so misunderstood sometimes. Sometimes people think of this as a glorified eating disorder (like it is an excuse not to eat) or they just say the most uneducated things to me about it.

With urging from others I finally decided to do it tonight. So, if you would like to scroll down, you can see all of the postings from my other blog. If not, I will try to keep this blog current!

Once again, welcome!

Gluten Free Thanksgiving!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 11/27/08)

This was my first time eating gluten free at Thanksgiving. I ate without any issues or getting sick. My mom made this spinach and shrimp item that I liked last year with rice flour instead of wheat flour. I ate turkey, yams, mashed potatoes ( real ones, not flakes) and cranberry sauce. Each item had its own serving spoon and I watched everything carefully so I would not fall victim to cross contamination. I even had some special items to make sure that I could eat like everyone else:

Gluten Free Gravy:
This gravy was only 15 calories for 1/4 cup! It was really good and tasted like the regular gravy that contains wheat in it, at least what I remembered it to taste like.
Ice cream (which I can have but I didnt think a picture was needed) was served, pecan pie and pumpkin pie (both on the no list) and gluten free cookies and my wannabe eclair cake.

The cookies:
The Eclair Cake with recipe and how to pictures:

I got the recipe from here.

2 small boxes of Jell-O instant French Vanilla pudding (must be French Vanilla)
8 oz pkg of Cool Whip, thawed
1 container of milk chocolate frosting
2 boxes of GF Vanilla cookies or you can use Gluten Free graham crackers

How To Make:
Mix pudding according to the package directions. Let it set up in fridge. Mix in cool whip once it has set up.

Layer vanilla cookies in the bottom of a pan. I used a tiny pan but the link has the recommended pan size.

Top with ½ of pudding/cool whip mixture. Layer vanilla cookies over pudding. Top with the remaining pudding/cool whip mixture. Top with vanilla cookies. Let this set up for a few hours or overnight.

Then frost cookies with milk chocolate frosting (USE Pillsbury and not Betty Crocker...that brand contains wheat). This tastes the best if you make it the night before.

I thought it was good but it tasted more like a Boston Cream Pie to me than an eclair. It is still something I would make again. Having it sit overnight is a total must because the cookies dissolve into the perfect consistency. What I miss about the experience is that you cant pick it up and bite into it like an eclair. It is still good though and everyone that tried it liked it. No one could tell the difference that it was a gluten free dessert.

Mimi's Cafe!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 11/17/08)

I went with my mom and grandma yesterday and they have a gluten free menu! I thought I would spread the word! Yippee, another place to go eat without having to think about how to alter items!

Uncle Bear's Gluten Free Hamburgers

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog On 11/15/08)

I was too drained to cook and my mom was too. We decided to eat dinner at Uncle Bear's. I was excited because they have Gluten Free hamburger buns! I didn't take a picture because I forgot my camera...hey, I have a lot on my mind!

So here is my review:

Decent and edible! I would order it again! It looked more like a biscuit than a hamburger bun, but who cares? It was pretty good tasting too...especially if you have forgotten what a bun tastes like.

Also, they have french fries that are safe from cross contamination. I asked about how they were cooked and the process of cooking. I ate some of their fries ( I know...since I was glutened so badly this last week, why risk it? ) and they were really good! I didn't get sick from the fries at all.

If you have celiacs and you live in AZ, you should try the gluten free food at UNCLE BEAR'S. They also have GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!

I abhor hospitals

( Posted on 11/14/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

So, on Wendesday, I had four seizures in less than 24 hours, lip numbness, a terrible migraine and ringing in my ears. Jared witnessed three of the seizures (I will write in the love blog when I am up to date with homework) and the fourth occurred outside of the er in front of a nurse and some EMTs...mortifying to say the least.

They admitted me into the hospital on Wednesday. They did a slew of test. The seizures showed up on none of the tests.

Then I got some news that I am not yet ready to share on here. I am still sitting with it. Only my close family and Jared know. When I am ready to write about it, I will. It isn't anything to worry about so, please, no one go into a panic. I just need time to process things.

A bunch of tests later...including the one I have written about twice...the one with the glue that always gets stuck in my hair took place. I forget the name of it. I am drained.
My heart was in bradycardia. I think it is always beating slow. They woke me up from sleep a few times to make sure I was ok.

I was discharged today. I just feel tired. I still have the ringing. I still have the numb lips. I still have the headaches.

But I have love.

I have the love of Jacob, who was super sweet with me after his nap.

I have the love of my incredible boyfriend. He is my amazing ear and my comforting embrace through this. He hears me complain. He hears my ups and downs through this all. His hugs provided me comfort. He was my ride home today. My sushi lunch date too because gluten free hospital food is even worse than normal hospital food.

I have the love of my awesome friends. Kelly came to visit my drug induced self in the hospital. I was on pain pills most of the time and she was there. She also came to visit today. Then there is Ashley who is also my ear. She has a medical background so she is giving me advice, thoughts and just being there.

And I have the love of family. I feel so blessed and surrounded with warmth. There were times during this where I felt dismal. I think the only one who heard this was Jared during one of my sedated rants.

I am glad to be home.

I missed a ton of homework. I had no internet and I felt so miserable while I was there, that I would have been unable to do it anyway. Tonight I spent most of the night looking at the screen.

Like I said, I will update the love blog soon. I have a new pic to post and some other stuff to write about.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

GLUTENED { contains Too Much Information and profanity)

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 11/11/08)

After our walk and the music store, Kelly and I went to Whole Foods. I have been craving éclairs for months. I need to have one. Stephanie sent me a recipe for gluten free éclairs but they just seem like too much work...she even thought so.

I found an easy recipe for this thing that promises to taste like an éclair that is half of the work. You just can’t pick it up and eat it like and éclair. I am not sure what it looks like because it doesn't provide a picture. I am going to make it soon and I will review it...with a picture.

So, Kelly and I went to Whole Foods so I could get some of the things I needed to make it and also to see if I could get a gluten free pastry from their bakery. I have been dying for a pasty.

The only time I really hate having celiacs is when I pass by the baker’s case and know that everything is off limits, at Whole Foods they were bound to have something I could have...hopefully. We get there and ask.

The BAKERY BITCH (she earned the name because I feel lied to and deceived, my intestines hate her), pointed out the gluten free items. She then points to these amazing looking things covered in chocolate with this mouse inside. It says wheat free on the label. I point that out. She said something like it was gluten free and I would be fine.

BAKERY BITCH was so convincing. BAKERY BITCH swears it won’t get me sick. BAKERY BITCH gives me a description of this pastry, that for someone that has not had a proper baked goods in a long time could almost have a big O ( and by big O...I am not referring to Oprah) from listening to them. Oprah surely would have had a big O and she doesn’t have celiacs.

Yet again BAKERY BITCH says they are WHEAT FREE but with NOTHING IN THEM that would make anyone GLUTEN INTOLERANT sick. I purchase the baked good.

I eat the baked good. I praise BAKERY BITCH in my head, but for that short moment she was not BAKERY BITCH but BAKERY GODDESS. She had given me the satisfaction that I had been seeking for months. A really good pastry; I had great tasting cakes on my birthday but I craved a yummy pastry! I had now had it!

Well, it was short lived. I felt the all too familiar rumble in my stomach. I felt the hot and colds. I felt the impending doom. Jacob was up. My mom was not home. I felt sick and I knew it was BAKERY BITCH'S fault. I was trying to avoid getting sick.

Poor Jacob must have hated me. He had to be in the bathroom with me. As my insides ruptured in the bathroom I think I casted a plague on BAKERY BITCH'S house and her first born.

There were times where I thought the glutening was over and then it came back. My mom ended up going to the gym last night. I had to make Jacob dinner and put him to bed while dealing with one of the most violent glutenings of my life.

I got this horrible headache. It was so bad that I had to ask for an extension on my homework and I don’t even know if I got it. I couldn’t look at the computer. I was in bed early. I woke up through the night...GLUTENED.

This lasted for hours. I never had a glutening last so long.

I should have known better. I should have gone for the specific gluten free sign. BAKERY BITCH was too convincing.


(Originally Published on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/25/08)

I discovered these recently and they are so good that I had to let you all know about it. I bought the blueberry flavor for Jacob and he really liked it. I checked out the ingredients and it turns out it is GLUTEN FREE! Woo hoo, something I can eat!

It is also 90 calories a pack, has 25% vitamin A&D, is enriched with calcium, and is low in fat. It has live cultures in it too.


(Originally Published On 10/21/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

If you have tried to find the gluten free menu from Olive Garden online it is pretty challenging. They recommend contacting Olive Garden directly...let me save you that step, I have the coveted gluten free menu in my possession!

  • Garden-Fresh Salad without croûtons
  • Caesar Salad without croûtons


  • Steak Toscano
  • Pork Filettino
  • Herb -Grilled Salmon
  • Mixed Grill
  • Mixed Grill (Chicken)
  • Children's Grilled Chicken
There you guys have it. You can always ask for the menu if you guys are there. This is the menu for Arizona, I am am not sure if it changes per state.

My Mom's Shrimp Taco's

(Originally Posted On the Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/19/08)

These tacos were so good that I had to share! My mom made these tonight and I cant wait to have these again. This is one easy recipe!

  • bag of shredded coleslaw
  • half a red onion (chopped)
  • two garlic cloves (minced)
  • a bunch of cilantro (chopped)
  • two tomatoes (chopped)
  • two cucumbers (chopped)
  • red pepper (chopped)
  • a bag of cooked and de-veined shrimp
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • three freshly squeezed limes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Taco shells (use 100% corn taco shells to make this gluten free)
How to Make:

Combine all of the ingredients together (except taco shells) in a large bowl and mix well. Then stir fry in a large wok or large pan for 15 minutes on medium high heat. Stir continuously.
Then stuff taco shells with mixture, eat and enjoy!

Gluten Free Goodness!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on October 17, 2008)

My cravings have not been as intense since I have been implementing Stephanie's advice. I am trying to eat a little bit more carbs in my diet. This has been challenging since I don't really like the taste of products posing as my formerly favorite foods. But as my wise boyfriend says, "I have to try it to know if I like it." He is right, I am finding that there is a lot of gluten free foods that are really not that gross.

Last night I had pizza for dinner! My mom purchased these pizza crusts:

The only downer to this was that the package didnt come with cooking directions! Hello, how were we supposed to know the oven settings and time?

Then we put organic marinara sauce, cheese and some salami on the pizza!

Then this morning before my walk with Jacob, I decided to eat something other than my usual eggs or yogurt. I had a gluten free waffle with defrosted frozen strawberries, and a little sugar free syrup. It was really good!

It was the perfect breakfast before our walk! Jacob even enjoyed it!

Celebrating Melissa's Birthday!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 10/5/08)

Last night I went out with Melissa to celebrate her birthday! We started the night out by going to this Vietnamese restaurant.This is us on the way to the restaurant.

This is us there:

These are my plain rice noodles...they sucked and were not edible...

Then we went to get gelato! It was a birthday celebration, so ice cream was in order! Then we decided to celebrate the same way that we did when Melissa was in 10th grade...we went to PETER PIPER PIZZA to play games!

I smoked her in air hockey!

Then we cashed in our tickets. Melissa got this lovely bracelet.

I had more points than she did! I got this cool snap bracelet!

Then we went to this British pub.

We had plans to meet my mom at this country bar where she dances, but first I wanted to see Jared at his work to give him a quick kiss! I was happy because Melissa got to meet him! It was great sneak in some extra time with him!
Then we met up with my mom. I don't really like country music very much but I had a great time. I learned to country dance too! Here are some pictures from our outing:

Later we hung out at my house where the urge to bake struck! I baked a bunch of cookies that I ended taking when I saw Jared and our friends this morning. Here are just some of the over 40 cookies I made. They were not gluten free, so I couldn't eat them.