Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Rating System!

From now on, when I do food reviews, I will add a photo of me in all of my glory! So, if I liked a food, you will see this lovely photo:
Notice the obvious excitement! Wow, gluten free is yummy! Wow, try this!

If I thought a food was so-so:

I cant decide...did I like it...did I not? Hum... so hard...

And if a food was less than stellar:

Yes, that is a thumbs down in the picture...my sadness for the food over shadows my thumbs down though :(


Anonymous said...

OMFG! I read the endless possib;ities blog not this one becuse i am not gluten free or whatever but this was too funny when you said to read this. You are my favortite blogger for a reason. You are the very very very best!

Tiffany said...

This is very funny! You have a wonderful sense of humor, and living without gluten sucks.

karmenj said...

Michelle you crack me up! I am glad you can find the humor in things that others might not see:-) You ROCK!

Endless Possibilities said...

Tiffany, living without gluten sucks at first but you get accustomed to it. There are some things I miss (eclairs...and I am far to lazy to make them myself).

Karmen, thanks! You rock too! See you on Sunday!