****Note I am not a Doctor, I am just a blogger!

Going GF can be a challenge, however, I am here to help! No, seriously, I am. I remember how freaked out I was when I had to take the plunge and go GF. So, email me if you need help. My email address is listed on the website...

Beware of hidden gluten...not sure what gluten is? That is OK, I can tell you! Check out the link!

Gluten makes people with Celiacs really sick. Celiacs is a autoimmune disorder. It is not an allergy, however, people commonly mistake Celiacs as an allergy.

People don't just go gluten free because of Celiacs. They go GF for other health reasons all the time. It often helps fibromyalgia, Autism, and other medical conditions.

When one goes GF it is often hard to consider eating out and navigating a menu correctly. This gets easier over time.  You quickly learn tricks (say no to blue cheese, decline soy sauce, always ask if the establishment has a GF menu, be weary of sauces, say no to fried foods unless cooked in dedicated fryer, and always ask a lot of questions).  Eating out with non-gf children, when you are gf can be challenging too...

Read these links from my blog that my help you adjust to the gf lifestyle, because it is a way of life!

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