Monday, June 15, 2009

Walmart trying to be Fresh & Easy?

Fresh & Easy (located in CA, AZ, NV) is a store that provides produce, prepackaged fresh meals, and convince at decent prices. Walmart is now trying to compete with that...but at Walmart prices. Case in point:

I am pondering this.... it more of a Walmart?

Or is it more of a Fresh & Easy?

Well, the store looked like both as you can tell from the photos that I took. Fresh and Easy seems to have more gluten free choices by far. I like Fresh & Easy a lot more and they have this yummy gluten free pudding and they offer So'fella cake mix. Plus, at the Walmart I saw this...

My 1st time at CHIPOTLE

Stephanie was the first person to tell me how easy it is to eat gluten free at Chipotle , then I saw folks on Twitter talking about it. So, when my sister, Jacob and I needed a place to go to dinner the other night, it was a easy choice. The portions were massive! I shared my meal with Jacob in half and I still couldn't finish mine! It was so yummy! If you have not eaten there yet, I suggest going.

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownies & Cookies!

Two reviews in one? Hells yes! OK, it is because I have been a bad blogger...a slacker of sorts. In fact, I almost slacked tonight and put this off for yet ANOTHER night. This should really be two separate posts. I have been dedicating time to my new (and 4th blog Heartbroken Confessional), so please forgive me. I am a heartbroken blogger now, but the Betty Crocker GF brownies and cookies sure helped! They were really...hum...I should set this up like my other reviews...or I am just going to slack this so much that I am not even going to do this in my traditional form? Screw tradition!

The Cookies:

SO GOOD! I loved them. I could have eaten them all up, but I shared them! After all, gluten free sharing is caring! I only ate three! Yes, a crime because they were so good. I wanted them all to myself though. This is them before baking:
Final Product:
They were moist and chewy. These were serious gluten free perfection. Awesomely gluten free.

The brownies:

Oh my gosh! I loved the brownies more than the cookies....I didn't think that would be possible. So delish! Smelled like heaven in the oven. I served it warm with vanilla ice cream on the side:
I could eat this daily if it was a health food. It should be written as a prescription when going through a breakup. I served this to my sister and my friend Melissa and they couldn't even tell it was gluten free (but they knew it was because I was eating it).

If you have not tried these, you should! You will not regret these!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks Betty!

If you follow my twitter ,you would know that I was not only waiting for the launch of these Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes, but when they came out, the gluten free community was having a hard time locating them! Just because they launched didn't mean that they were available everywhere yet. On Sunday I spotted the elusive GF mixes at my local Fry's and I picked these up! Look for reviews on these soon! I am currenly making the chocolate chip cookies! Review should be posted tonight!

GFSteph posted a great review on the white cake mix, you should check it out here!