Monday, June 6, 2011

Parenting non-gluten free children and avoiding cross contamination.

Can you write more about being GF and raising a gluten-eater? I have been scouring the Internet for information about this and can't find much. My wife has just gone GF but our son is a walking gluten bomb (he's 2.5). I prepare as much of his food as I can but there are times my wife has to handle his food ... and him! We're just figuring out how to navigate this new world and the kid part has me tied up in knots. We also have a 5 y.o. daughter who is less of a challenge because I think she's old enough to learn to keep herself non-toxic, so to speak, at least most of the time. Any advice is welcome!

I love reader questions! I get them often and usually I can refer the reader to another post on my blog, but this time I couldn't, so I am going to write one! Jen, here is your answer and I hope it answers the question for any other readers I may have. If any other readers have questions, please feel free to send me an email (

I too have a child that has little gluten fingers :)  He has learned over time to be careful but he has glutened me on occasion. If I am eating with my boyfriend, I try and have my boyfriend sit next to him to minimize my exposure to his crumbs and his little wandering fingers, since children love to touch the plates of others. If I am eating alone, with him at home. I prepare his meal first and I wash my hands often. When we dine out, I carry  hand wipes and hand sanitizer to clean my hands. Now that he is older, I try and have him sit further away from me on the booth to minimize my exposure to the crumbs. I do not cut his chicken nuggets or food apart with my bare hands, I always use his utensils and then I place them away from mine in order to avoid confusion.

I carry his snacks in zip lock bags and he opens them himself. If they are bags that he cannot open himself, I never tear them open with my mouth. I use my hands and then I disinfect my hands. I clean his hands with sanitizer after.

I find that cleaning my kitchen and his space in the kitchen helps often too, since his spot at the table is always has the most mess :)

Keeping a close eye on them is the most helpful.  I have been glutened the most just by him wanting to try what I am eating, so asking for an extra plate and offering some to your child can spare you a glutening too :)

I hope this helps!

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