Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lara Bars

Lara Bar= Goodness. I cant even pretend to go through literary process for these with you. I wont even try to create a rising action and then bring it to the climax when I just want to let you all in on how freaking delicious they are. Oh wait, it gets even better. They are all natural. They are also suitable for raw eaters, vegans, kosher folks, soy free people, the gluten free like me, and the dairy intolerant. Yes, they work for us all. Why? Because they only consist of fruits and nuts, so unless you are allergic to those ingredients, you can indulge!

The Cherry Pie flavor actually tasted like a cherry pie and it cost less monetarily and calorie wise than one slice of pie would! Whoo hoo! The Apple Pie one was also really delicious. I was really pleased.

I no longer have the wrappers, so I cant post the nutritonal information like I normally would. Trust me, worth every bite :)

I guess I cant finish this with out some sort of resolution or call to action...

Have you tried Lara Bars? If so, let me know what you think and which type you tried and liked!


GF Steph said...

I haven't found a Lara Bar that I like. Probably because I don't like nuts. Or dates. Or cherry. Or apple.

Shoot. Apparently, I'm pretty difficult to please, so my opinion doesn't count. Lol.

Endless Possibilities said...


LOL! You are super funny!
They have a chocolate coconut one that is good. But I dont remember if you like coconut either ;)

Debbie said...

I've had the apple pie and the cinnamon roll. I found them to be just ok. The texture was a little too thick for me, if that makes sense. I prefer boomi bars, luna bars, Glutino snack bars, and my new favorite, JungleGrub.

Endless Possibilities said...


Cinnamon Roll! I will have to seek that flavor out!

I love Luna Bars too! I have eyed the Glutino bars because I adore their products but I have yet to try them. I have not seen JungleGrub but I will try it if I see it! Thanks for telling me about a new product!

Dana aka Gluten Free In Cleveland said...

I love love love larabars!

But I'm really picky about the flavor. I find that the lemon, key lime, and coconut are the best - they keep the flavor light, while the apple, cherry, cashew, etc, are just too dense for me.

Either that or I just like to be tropical all the time!! :)

Endless Possibilities said...


I am going to have to look out for those varieties of Lara Bars! Yummy!

I did try the Peanut Butter Cookie one today and I wasn't that crazy about it.

Karen said...

I tried the apple pie and the chocolate mole one, both yummy.