Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Schar's Chocolate- Dipped Chookies

I was super excited about trying out Schar's Chocolate Dipped Cookies. Schar's products are number one in Europe,  I thought eating them would make me feel fancy. However, the first bite was so buttery that I thought Paula Deen snuck her Southern ass all the way over to this dedicated gluten free kitchen. This light buttery taste found its way into every bite of each cookie. But, the gluten that I am still devoured the whole box. Because, well, I liked the cookies...but they were not my absolute favorite.

The Stats:
Serving Size: 3 cookies
Calories 150
Total Fat 7grams
Total Carbohydrates
Sugars 6grams
Protein 1grams


Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Larissa, the cashier at Sprouts who sold you the cookies!! Your blog kicks ass! Keep up the great work girly! :)

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

Hi Larissa,
I remember you! You were so nice :) Thank you so much and I hope I see you the next time I go in.