Monday, September 13, 2010

Schar's Chocolate Sandwich Cremes & Vanilla Sandwich Cremes

I dont have time to find a picture from the website or take my own photo but I wanted tell you about Schar's Chocolate Sandwich Cremes & Vanilla Sandwich Cremes. They are pretty tasty. I think I prefer the vanilla ones to the chocolate which surprises me because I adore chocolate. Have you tried these? Have you tried Schar's products?


Erin S. said...

I have tried both the chocolate and the vanilla. I think I like the vanilla best, but I have never met a Schar product I don't like. :-)

Erin S.
Gluten-Free Fun

Anonymous said...

I've tried the chocolate ones and I thought they had an aftertaste and were kind of chalky... But I LOVE the Glutino ones!! They totally staisfy my Oreo cravings!

Traci said...

I haven't tried em...but I'd love to! Thanks for sharing!!