Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gluten Free Pantry French Bread & Pizza Mix

It doesn't matter if you are new to being gluten free or not,it is still probably hard to pass by the bakery or bread isle problem on some days. The smell of fresh bread still is especially hard. Sometimes I just want to grab a croissant and shove the buttery flavor in my mouth knowing that it would cause me to have  dash into the bathroom, because  it will ultimately lead to being glutened and me crying on the toilet! Who am I kidding? Sometimes having to lead a GF lifestyle sucks.  So I have to resist all of those amazing foods in the bakery and  and search for equally amazing gluten free products. Most of the time I can find awesome products and I let you, my wonderful readers know about them.

It really sucks when I have high hopes for a product and it lets me down. I cannot tell you how badly I wanted the French Bread & Pizza Mix from Gluten Free Pantry to be delicious but I cannot lie, it sucked. It did not rise well. It was not fluffy like French Bread is, so it did not have the potential to make an amazing sandwich that I had been dreaming up. I was pretty bummed out.

This product will never be purchased again. Ever. I am still on the quest for GF French Bread. Anyone know where I can find that?


Richard Grubb said...

There is a really good pizza dough made by Bob's red mill. The secret to using it is to bake the crust alone entirely first then add your sauce. If you do that I tastes amazing.

Anonymous said...

Really? Both my husband (not celiac) and I love this bread mix; of course, I use all the 'bad' high fat options: milk instead of water, all the eggs, etc.