Sunday, April 5, 2009

That deserves a smack on the lips!

I am always reaching for chap stick. I have heard that some of them may have wheat in them but I have never looked at the packaging because all of the kind I have purchased since my diagnosis have been safe, however, I have an abundance of LIP SMACKER chap stick. I use that the most because it tastes great and keeps my lips soft or so I thought. The part right by the inside of my mouth were always hurting and it always slightly chapped no matter how much I used. I was at the supermarket with my boyfriend buying some waterproof eyeliner & mascara for my best friends wedding and I grabbed a three pack of lip smackers and went to the check out. Once we were back at his house, I looked at the ingredients for the heck of it and it listed wheat! WHY? WHY!!!!WHY?

I LOVE this product and now I can not use it. It makes sense as to why my lips hurt a lot though. So, I threw out all of the lip smackers I had and I gave my brand new three pack to my Mom!

*FOR AN UPDATE AS OF 2010, click HERE!

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Anonymous said...

no FLIPPING way. gueess I am cleaning out my make up bag too.