Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holistics Herbal Elixir By Adina

Photo from:couponpro.blogspot.com
I have been sampling the different flavors in the Holistics herbal Elixir by Adina line  for a few months now and I am impressed. There was only one flavor that I have tried that I didn't really enjoy (Mango Orange with Chamomile).

I believe this is the first drink review post ever on the blog and while I plan on featuring more lines in the future, I found this line intriguing because of how the company is seeking out the gluten free community/ health conscious.
  • Their product is all natural.
  • Fair trade certified
  • Certified Gluten Free!
  • USDA Organic
The line features many delicious flavors. My two favorites were: Blackberry Hibiscus with Rooibos and Jade Green Tea with Tulsi.

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Kathleen said...

Are these kombuchas, or just regular teas? They look yummy!