Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where have I been?

Hum...good question. I have been around and cooking. So, yay for you all! At first I got into a major food funk, which I tweeted a bunch about. This is when I was still a vegetarian. Yes, I think my vegetarianism played a part in my funk. I never knew what to eat. Going out to eat, which is sometimes a challenge as a gluten free lady got a trillion times harder at some establishments. Eating became mundane and I became more tired than usual because even though I am taking a multi-vitamin, I was still missing out on some protein I needed. I hated eating and I hated food. As a glutton, I was not enjoying the gluttony that I had in the past. So, I was grumpy about food. I would complain in the supermarket and I hated to cook. I recently stopped being a vegetarian and I am ready to make my blog return! TADA!!!

Sorry if you missed me, I missed you all too! New food post in a few days!

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