Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am addicted to pretzels

  *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely  based on my experience. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

I have a rather stupid confession. I can not be trusted with GF pretzels. I will devour the bag of pretzels without a second thought. In the last two months, Glutino sent me two types of Preztles and the bag was eaten in one sitting. That freaking good. Last week, I purchased a few bags and one was eaten on the way home and the other, I begrudging shared with my son. I did not want to share.

I love that Glutino offers a variety of pretzels. 

Last month, I was all about the Peppermint Yogurt Pretzels.
These pretzels reminded me of Christmas as soon as I tasted them. You know how certain things (smells, places, etc) remind you of other things? Well, these did that to me. As soon and I bit my fist pretzel, I felt like it was Christmas even though AZ has no snow or anything that remotely screams "Winter Wonderland" but these made the season feel more real. They were delish and I enjoyed them while watching Christmas movies with my family. I purchased a few bags to make Christmas feel longer!

I also really enjoyed the Honey Mustard Pretzels. They are totally different than the peppermint ones. The peppermint ones are obviously sweet. These were salty and hit the spot. I was really nice and shared with everyone and no one could tell they were gluten free. That is how you know you have a winner, when no one can taste a difference.  The honey mustard taste was not overpowering at all. It was seasoned perfectly. I totally recommend them.

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