Friday, November 28, 2008


(Originally published on 9/22/08 on the Endless Possibilities blog)

The other night I thought I was going to nuts if I didn't eat melted cheese on a corn tortilla. I am not kidding. Then the next morning I had to eat fried fish (with rice flour) and eggs at breakfast. Later that day I needed more melted cheese. Last night, I got the cheese craving again. I don't have these cravings every day but when they strike, watch out!

Then I remembered Stephanie's blog post about her craving for tomatoes. It is unfortunate that one of my best friends also has to deal with celiac's disease but I am also very lucky to not have to go at this alone. She has had this for a lot longer than I have. I am a newbie with it, I am always asking her questions and learning from her.

So, Steph (and anyone else who wants to give it a go) me figure out exactly what my body is lacking...

In order to reduce the chances of being contaminated by gluten, I eat the same foods daily. My staples are: yogurt, tuna, fruits, veggies,cheese, and chicken.

I was looking on an awesome website that Stephanie introduced me to, GLUTEN FREE FORUM, and it turns out food cravings are common with celiacs. I thought it was going to be people complaining that they cant eat scones. I read about people craving mushrooms, tomatoes, and other random foods.

Well, today I woke up not craving anything. I ate yogurt for breakfast. A standard for me. Then a craving hit for lunch... EGGS but not just eggs. It had to be eggs...sunny side up on french fries.

Maybe I need more protein? I already take a heavy duty gluten free prenatal vitamin. Hum..I am puzzled...what do I need to knock these cravings out? They are getting annoying! Steph, do you still crave tomatoes?

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