Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my BFF that happens to also be a cutie glutie!

Dear Stephanie,

I am so happy to call you my friend. I cant believe we have been bff's since 7th grade. We have seen each other through it all and we are always there for the good and the bad. I love you and your family! I had such a great time celebrating your birthday with you and your family on Sunday (I wish freaking blogger would let me upload the pictures!).

Since, I am having difficulties with my photo capabilities, I will post a blast through photo past...
On my 24th birthday
Bride and Maid Of Honor (You were the prettiest Bride I had ever seen!)
Times at your parents house !
Aww, have I told you that I think you really found the right guy for you? I do believe that!
Remember this weirdo from your Bachelorette party? Yeah, I would rather forget him too! What a fun night :)
I would rather remember this awesome moment! I adore our friendship! I cherish it!
The three of us at Jacob's 1st B-day party! I cant wait to go to Ben's! Gasp, you are a MOM now!
Man, I only had access to photos I have used on my blogs! I wish I could have posted pics from us in JR High and High School! Happy Birthday! I hope your day is incredible! Everyone wish Steph a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Twitter: @GF_Steph or on her blog:

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Traci said...

Love the pics :)