Friday, November 28, 2008

Uncle Bear's Gluten Free Hamburgers

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog On 11/15/08)

I was too drained to cook and my mom was too. We decided to eat dinner at Uncle Bear's. I was excited because they have Gluten Free hamburger buns! I didn't take a picture because I forgot my camera...hey, I have a lot on my mind!

So here is my review:

Decent and edible! I would order it again! It looked more like a biscuit than a hamburger bun, but who cares? It was pretty good tasting too...especially if you have forgotten what a bun tastes like.

Also, they have french fries that are safe from cross contamination. I asked about how they were cooked and the process of cooking. I ate some of their fries ( I know...since I was glutened so badly this last week, why risk it? ) and they were really good! I didn't get sick from the fries at all.

If you have celiacs and you live in AZ, you should try the gluten free food at UNCLE BEAR'S. They also have GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!

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