Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts on GF in the workplace

My Lunch for work
I have ditched the busy life of a Stay At Home/Freelance Writer Mom. Yes,by the way, that a pretty taxing existence.  I decided to rejoin my old comfort zone of the daily 8 to 5 and since this is my first time being gluten free in the work force; I was pretty nervous about it. It seemed silly,but I was. I have now been working for a little while and I have seemed to manage pretty well. I will let you all know how things progress in my new gluten free working environment as they go. But here is what I have done to keep from getting glutened at work.
  • I pack my desk full of snacks to ward off hunger. Right now, I have gf protein bars and baby carrots...and chocolate. Let's not discuss the chocolate.
  • I pack my lunch daily. It not only saves money, but my lunch is made at home in my kitchen that I can guarantee is pretty free of cross contamination. I know what is in my food.
  • I researched the local restaurants in the area for my gf options in case I do want to splurge one day and eat out. I know where my nearest gf pizza is, where the closest Sprouts is, etc. This is important to make myself feel "normal". I may not want to eat the same types of foods everyday. After all, variety is the spice of life and being gf shouldn't make me want to be different from anyone else.
  • If I drop food on a surface at work, it goes in the trash. I mean, this should just be common sense but sometimes I think we forget. Crumbs are everywhere and so if I drop something somewhere, I trash it.
  • I don't share food. I get offered food all the time at work, usually it isnt gf so I decline. I dont accept food that is gf but already opened. I never know if it has already been crossed-contaminated. The only time I will accept is if it is just opened and I can make sure that I wont get glutened.
Those are the tips that I have so far. What are your gluten-free tips for the work place?

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