Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks Betty!

If you follow my twitter ,you would know that I was not only waiting for the launch of these Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes, but when they came out, the gluten free community was having a hard time locating them! Just because they launched didn't mean that they were available everywhere yet. On Sunday I spotted the elusive GF mixes at my local Fry's and I picked these up! Look for reviews on these soon! I am currenly making the chocolate chip cookies! Review should be posted tonight!

GFSteph posted a great review on the white cake mix, you should check it out here!


Lindsay said...

I still can't find them. Awesome cake, though!!!

Traci said...

Brownies are SOOOO good! I'm gonna make the cookies tonight or maybe tomorrow. :)

Endless Possibilities said...


Maybe contacting Betty Crocker themselves would be helpful? They may be able to steer you who has them in your area.


I cant wait to make the brownies!!! I dont even remember what a "real" brownie tastes like. I cant wait to see what you think of the other BC products.

Amy Green said...

Your cake looks so good...and I am grateful that Betty Crocker is on the gluten-free wagon. I am sugar-free and gluten-free so I won't be sampling the cake but am going to check back in to see how the cookies turn out.

Traci said...

The cookies were delish! I made cupcakes with the Devil's food...they were pretty good as well. I would say the brownies are still at the top of my list though. I just LOVE warm brownie with vanilla ice cream...I want to go eat some right now :)