Friday, May 1, 2009

Card Carrying Member!

Those cards I am holding are what I take when I go out to restaurants now. They inform the establishment I am dining at of what celiacs is, how not to cross contaminate me and what can happen to me if I do get contaminated. All of my information is neatly printed on a double sided business card. I have 500 hundred of them!

You can order them through . I didn't though. I made my own and ordered mine through a small online printing company with a sale, coupon codes & free shipping! The grand total came to about .25 cents! Triumph's are cool though because you can order them in different languages, a plus for travel!

Regardless, I happy to have my cards and now I hope that my eating out adventures are safer!


Gina said...

That's cool that you made your own! Do you feel more official now?:)

Endless Possibilities said...



Um, it is kinda of weird actually, when I have used the cards the servers kind of give me this,"are you serious look?", but I don't really care. It makes me feel like maybe I will be taken more seriously because I have been cross contaminated so many times. I have told a few of the places that they can keep the cards for future reference, it isn't like I mind because I have so many.

I am very nice when I show them. I dont have attitude about it, I am just very matter of fact about it. So, maybe that gets them. Or maybe they dont like to be told how to cook my food. Who knows!

Debbie said...

It's cool you made your own cards. I used to carry some with me and attempt to give them out at restaurants but I never got very good feedback on the spot. I tend to talk to chef's ahead of time now and get a much better response.

Endless Possibilities said...


I try to talk to chefs too! It is a great way to make sure that you are well taken care of!

I like the cards for restaurants at peak hours and just for some extra precaution. My cards have reminders on them like: If you accidentally put croutons on my salad, please make me a new one because you just contaminated the whole thing.