Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caramello Cupakes!

These are divine. I LOVE Caramello Bars and I LOVE CUPCAKES. I love cupcakes so much that I stalk cupcake blogs as though they were porn, yes food porn! No, I don't get off on it, but it is visually pleasing. It is actually worse because I know that the cupcakes I am lusting after are most always not gluten free. So, it is almost as though I am committing a sin. I decided to create a Caramello cupcake...well, at least I am pretty sure they didn't exist prior to their creation when I was asked to bring cupcakes for Karmen's b-day celebration!

Here is how you can also make them!

-A chocolate GF cake mix ( Sof'ella Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Cake & Frosting{it comes with the frosting in the box})
-A jar of 12 oz caramel ( I used Walden farms because it was sugar free and my bf is diabetic but it also said GF on it. It also was calorie free, fat free, carbohydrate free, cholesterol free, and preservative free. By itself it isn't the best tasting but when it was in the cupcake, you couldn't even tell that it was sugar free!) Most of the jar will not be used, the jar I bought just happened to be 12 oz. each cupcake will most likely have about 1/4 tablespoon inside or less but it is hard to tell how much you are injecting inside.
- Caramello Bars (Calculate how many cupcakes you want. If you want 12 cupcakes, buy three bars because there are 4 squares on each bar.)

-Line the cupcake pan with liners. Fill half way with the Sof'ella Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix and bake according to instructions.
-Once cupcakes are baked and cooled, inject a good amount ( not so much that the cupcake breaks) of caramel into the cupcake.
-Then follow the instructions listed to make the Sof'ella Organic Gluten Free Frosting.
-Once Frosting is made, frost cupcake and garnish with Caramello chocolate!


Debbie said...

I absolutely love caramello, and what you did here is of great creativity. Yum Yum!

Endless Possibilities said...


Thanks so much! That is an amazing compliment!Caramello is so divine it only seemed natural to incorporate it in a cupcake :)

H.Peter said...

These cupcakes would be perfectly at home at places like Babycakes or GF Patisserie!

You are amazing.

Endless Possibilities said...


That is such a major compliment! Thank you so much!

"Jedopi" said...

These look delicious, and I also wanted to tell you that I really like the cupcake background you have for your blog. It's so cute.

Endless Possibilities said...

Thanks so much Jedopi! I love cupcakes! It sounds like you do too!

Endless Possibilities said...
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Karen said...

This just made my day! I'm a big Caramello fan. I'll try mine with yellow cupcake batter though.

LB said...

Are you sure the Caramellos are gluten free? Caramel might not be depending on what it is made from. THX!

Endless Possibilities said...

Karen- Yellow cake would also be yummy! Delish!

LB- Yes, good point. Sometime caramel is not gf. Caramellos are for the moment gf. Keep checking with the manufacture though, but right now they are :)