Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jo-Sef Products O Cookies: Cinnamon, Chocolate and Vanilla Review

Jo-Sef's is known in the gluten free community for being one of the most health conscience gluten free manufacturers of gluten free foods. They are recognized  by the Celiac Sprue Association. They offer a variety of treats that are tasty and appeal to the health conscious. I was very excited to try Jo-Sef. I love "junk" food but one of my goals for 2011 is to set a healthier twist on my indulgences. If I am going to eat something not so healthy, I am going to try to have it be more health conscious; I found that Jo-Sef products fit the criteria. Their whole product line, found here, fit the bill.
I tried the Chocolate O cookies first. Let's face it, I miss Oreo cookies sometimes. I was hoping these could capture that taste. These fell short of the Oreo flavor I was craving.  I preferred other brands of cookies I tried that were similar to Oreo cookies, but fell into the gluten free category. However, Chocolate O cookies are egg free and preservative free, so if that is an allergen or a food you are trying to avoid that is a plus.
I really liked the Vanilla O's. They were extremely delicious and somehow ( I totally don't know how) they had a lemon after taste that I rather liked. Lemon is not an ingredient but this was pretty great. These are egg free, dairy free and preservative free. It was hard to stick to the serving size!
The Cinnamon O's were my favorite. My  non-gluten free boyfriend tried these and he said they were delicious as well. I like having a cinnamon cookie surrounded by creme filling, delicious.

Each one of these cookies are perfectly accompanied with a warm glass of cocoa, soy milk, rice milk or milk. I highly recommend them.

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