Friday, April 22, 2011


Before I give praise in upcoming post to select vendors for their amazing dedication to the gluten free community (most vendors were excellent but select few deserve extra recognition) there is one that was so rude, I must call them out. A different vendor praised gluten free bloggers, called us their bread and butter and thanked me for my work as a gluten free blogger. It felt great to hear that from a vendor that gave up their Saturday to be at a busy Expo.

Anyway, the vendor that I want to discuss is:
While their food isn't bad, their customer service skills are absolutely horrible. They have been rude to me on the phone in the past and dealing with them at the Expo was no exception. I was shocked. The Expo would be the place for Gluten Free Creations to expand their base not alienate it with rude behavior and taking a lack of interest in their clientele. I have driven to Fountain Hills for one of their Eclairs, I wont do that again and I wont eat their products again. I tried to engage in conversation with the female representative there and she was cold and rude. I stood back and watched, she was rude to about 6 other people at the expo. Stupid move, they were placed right next to the better quality UDI's table. Maybe she was just bitter because UDI's bread taste better and the people at UDI's are actually capable of human interaction. I don't normally write mean things on my blog, but maybe a bad review will wake up Gluten Free Creations and they can recreate their public image because they have lost a customer in me and some of the other people at the expo that day.


Erin S. said...

I really appreciate your honesty. I have had a very rude experience with a vendor here in NYC. I will no longer support them by buying their products which are less than stellar anyway. Thanks for the review and I hope to read more about the vendor expo

GF Steph said...

WOW!!! I can't believe that!! Why even go to the Expo if you're going to be rude? That's great though that a different vendor said bloggers are their bread and butter! What a nice compliment!

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

Erin- I am so sorry that you had a bad experience too with a vendor. They really need to realize it is not just the product but how they treat the people consuming it. It is great that you are boycotting it!

Steph- Yeah, I was bummed you weren't there with me. I want to see if the response from them is the same next year. I am thinking about emailing them this. Yeah, the bread and butter compliment had me smiling all day! Next year, you and I will take the expo by storm!

Traci said...

I can't believe they were rude to you! That is awful!

We talked to them & they seemed ok. That is awful though! So sorry!!

You SHOULD e-mail them that!