Sunday, May 19, 2013


May is Celiac Awareness Month. I have been living with Celiacs for 5 years now. It gets easier every year since so many amazing products keep coming out on the market.

I try hard not to pick favorites between companies that produce the gf food that nourishes my body. I want to always go into testing a product with an open mind. No comparisons. Let the product stand alone. I was really good at that until Udi's came into my life. Udi's made me LOVE GF bread.  The cookies, the muffins...every product I have tried is exceptional.So, while I love trying new foods, I always seem to come back to Udi's.

So, in honor of my absolute favorite GF company and Celiac Month, I bring you UDI'S WEEK!!!

To start it off, I bring you old reviews (and slightly embarrassing ones with videos!):

Pizza Crust

Check back tomorrow for a brand new review!!!

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