Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let me stress how much this sucks... (this post has way too much information!)

OK, so I tried to nap with my son during his nap and it just didn't happen. I kept making trips to the bathroom to puke or crap. Then I would lay down in between rounds & my body kept thinking I was dying a slow death and I had the hot and colds. I knew that I needed to walk to the store ( I cant drive right now because of medical reasons...) to get some of the stuff for the fast and also some stuff for Jacob. So, I waited until I thought I was in the clear. I kept drinking water to keep myself hydrated and off we went.

I made it there only stopping to puke twice. Man, this was bad.

We got to the store and the food was making me want to die. Jacob kept asking for everything! I fed him snacks on the way so I told him no. I purchased my items and some Powerade in case I needed electrolytes.

I drank some and then I decided that I felt better. The store was right next to a Petsmart so I thought I would take Jacob in and show him animals. We were there for a bit and I had no issues. Then we were leaving and it hit me again. I hit the rest room and got sick again.

The walk home was awful. I was practically running. I cant wait to start this detox in the morning and rid myself of any toxins. I feel so sick.

I am afraid to eat dinner. I don't know how food will affect me tonight. Well, I have to eat, so I will make bland gluten free noodles and pray that I am fine.

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