Monday, January 19, 2009

Mission Cleanse: Fail

That is right...I failed...well kind of.

So, on day two my friend Kelly noticed that I was talking funny.

When I was with my mom at Barnes & Nobles I was really red & then I would get really pale.

My mom & Jared were not fans of this cleanse at all. They were both trying to tell me not to do it any more and that the gluten was probably out of my system. But I wanted to keep going to fully cleanse and get the full affects.

That was until day three. I felt even worse than day two. I think I was doing it wrong. I don't think I was hydrating enough. I am not a water drinker by nature and I was sick of downing that concoction. I didn't feel enlightened, energized or anything but I knew that it had not been enough time.

Jared could tell that I was light headed. Then he started to mention my favorite food of all time: sushi. Then he mentioned going to my favorite restaurant and all bets were off. I needed food and I didn't care anymore. I was off the cleanse.

But, I don't feel like I totally failed because I don't feel sick. No gluten in my system at all! I can tell that I have been cleansed. So, it was worth it.

Side note: My camera is broken...long story. I am calling today about it because it is under warranty. So, this blog will be lacking pictures for a while.

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