Friday, January 16, 2009

Master Cleanse DAY ONE

Well, I started it last night by drinking the tea and I was still sick from the residual glutening. I expected to be running to the bathroom every two minutes but it wasn't like that. I did go to the bathroom but it wasn't horrible. I think that that could be because I was really sick yesterday and in the bathroom yesterday a whole bunch.

I did pee a ton today. It reminded me of being pregnant. There were times that I was peeing every 15 minutes from the amounts of fluids I was consuming from trying to keep myself from getting hungry.

Oh and that lemon/pepper/syrup mix tastes awful...and I have to down it at least 6 times a day :(

If every day is like day one then I can keep this up for ten days but I am hungry. I do want food. It is hard because I am preparing meals for my son and they smell good.

I am waiting for the energy that those websites promised to kick in...

1 comment:

GF Steph said...

You are braver than me! I could never do that!