Thursday, January 15, 2009

So sick of it.

Two glutenings in two different days...

The first one happened three days ago. It happened by accident. I was making my usual egg breakfast and I was distracted. I grabbed my cooking spray and sprayed away. I was taking my my adorable two year old as I was cooking. Then I ate my breakfast and 45 minutes later I was really sick and I wouldn't figure out why. Then I came to the conclusion that I used the cooking spray that I use when I make my non gluten free baking items...the cooking spray with FLOUR in it! Now, that spray has been moved to the shelf with my baking goods.

Then yesterday at lunch with my boyfriend I was glutened by salad dressing. It was the first time I was glutened in front of him. My whole body got itchy, my tongue got red and my stomach got a terrible stomach ache. Luckily, I didn't get an anal explosion or vomiting episode. That would have been mortifying. But, now every time I eat I have a terrible stomach ache.

I hung out with my friend Ashley today and I couldn't enjoy my food at all. It was terrible. I just had a reaction to it as thought I was poisoned by wheat because I feel like I am totally contaminated now. I may as well go on a binge and eat a donut or something...OK, I know that would make it even worse.

So, I am going to take drastic measures and I don't care what anyone says. I tough long and hard about it. I cant take the pain I was in last night after dinner or this morning or right now. In the morning, I am going to start a 10 day MASTER CLEANSE!

So, every day on this blog and maybe even the Endless Possibilities blog I will write about it. I am sure I will be cranky. I read about it on this one blog I follow and it seemed extreme but I need to rid my body of toxins and any gluten I have lurking in me. I really do.

I am sick of feeling sick from this. So, if this sounds extreme, it is. If I am cranky, I am sorry. This is just what I have to do in order to feel better and function. You didn't just spend a long time in the bathroom with me! I know...too much bad!

Wheat is evil and I think the Master Cleanse is poison to it! So, I will write about it all...the good, the bad and the ugly...

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