Monday, May 4, 2009

Thanks Starbucks for thinking of the Gluties like me!

I was counting down the days until the launch of STARBUCKS: GLUTEN FREE VALENCIA ORANGE CAKE! Today was the big unavailing! I checked twitter to see the chatter, a friend told me her Starbucks wasn't carrying it until tomorrow. I decided to call the closest location to me and they had three left! I was happy that the gluten free community was gobbling these goodies up! We want Starbucks to know that we not only exist; but that we have needs that have to be met!

We walked to Starbucks and I was so happy to see that they still had two when I arrived! See the joy on my face...
My son just wants his drink!
Then it was time for the moment of truth, could Starbucks create a fabulous gluten free dessert?

YES! A BIG YES!!! It was moist, and spongy. It reminded me of the orange version of the lemon pound cake that I loved in my pre-gluten free days! I was in gluten free heaven! The glutton in me was satisfied! Oh Starbucks you won me over, I was skeptical.

It came prepackaged and it was not in the same case! So I felt like cross contamination was not something to worry about. I also liked that the ingredients and the nutritional information was listed on the packaging!

Normally when we walk, I wear different shoes. I should stick to routine because I got massive blisters that bled. This was so worth it!

Yup, that is blood!

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 290
Total Fat: 16 grams
Carbohydrates: 32 grams
Fiber: 4 grams
Protein: 9 grams


Jenn said...

Saw your post RT on Twitter. That cake looks DELICIOUS!!!

I would of LOVED to get it for my son (on a GFCFPF diet plus a few other things "Free of") but he cannot have citrus foods or flavorings so this cake was out.

Here's to hoping that their next foray into GF is CHOCOLATE!! ;)

Sorry about the blisters... THAT looked painful - OUCHIE! Glad you enjoyed your treat though!

Endless Possibilities said...

Isn't Twitter great?!!!?

A chocolate version of this would be amazing! The dessert also has nuts on it which also rules it out for a lot of consumers, so chocolate without nuts would be a great option!

Yeah, the blisters are killing me today!

Thanks so much for reading the review!

Katie said...

I'm so excited they are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon! mmm the cake was delish!

Endless Possibilities said...


I hope others follow suit! Until then, I am happy to eat these at Starbucks!

Gina said...

Yes, this cake was better than expected! I liked the spongy texture too.

Endless Possibilities said...


That is my favorite part! It is almost like it isnt GF! The texture makes it passable as non-gf!