Saturday, October 12, 2013

French Meadow Bakery: Chocolate Cupcakes

Picture taken at Jacob's 7th birthday
Parties are always a toughie to be gluten free at because there is usually an abundance of non-gf food. My son's 7th birthday party was no exception. I ordered 10 pizzas, none were gf so I packed Blaine and I lunch and I had a ton of veggies around to much on should any other guest have food sensitivities. My sister and her boyfriend jumped on the gluten free bandwagon so I decided to bring French Meadow Chocolate cupcakes  as our dessert. I love Whole Foods chocolate cupcakes, they are moist, large and they taste fresh. I was not able to get to Whole Foods prior to the party so I stopped by Sprouts where I spotted this particular brand of cupcakes. I had high hopes. I LOVE cupcakes.

These cupcakes, however, were not at all worthy of praise...far from being described with any sort of affection. These cupcakes were stale and rock hard.  It was as though they were old and they had been sitting on the shelf for a long time. They were not even in the same league of my dear Whole Food Cupcakes.

After many jokes at the expense of the cupcakes, we actually tried to eat them. We were only successful in eating the frosting. We stayed away from the "cake" in fear of needing dental work if we actually tried to bite the rock hard food.

So, do I recommend eating French Meadow Chocolate cupcakes? Absolutely not. I would actually like a refund.

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