Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Open Letter to Sprinkles Cupcakes from A Gluten Free Foodie!

Dear Sprinkles Cupcakes,

Thank you for making a gluten free option! When I heard that you carried red velvet cupcakes, I started to salivate. When a person is gluten free, simple pleasures like picking up a dozen cupcakes at a local bakery becomes a big deal. You are helping me regain some normalcy and that is priceless. Not to mention, that you are the creme de' la creme of cupcakes...and I would know, I am a self confessed cupcake addict. Your cream cheese frosting was the best I have ever had. I do not know how I will tell myself that these are to be reserved as "special treats".

As a member of the gluten free community, I applaud you for meeting our high standards! I was so pleased to see the cupcakes were not in the same case as the other cupcakes and they packaged them separately for me. I just hope that one day you expand your gluten free cupcake flavors so I can try more of your amazing tastes.


The Gluten Free Glutton-
Michelle B


GF Steph said...


Traci said...

I am JEALOUS! I actually saw Sprinkles on Unwrapped like the day before I found out they had GF cupcakes! YUM!!! How much are they? I want to try em!!!

Traci said...

Their in Phoenix right? Or Scottsdale?

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

Traci- Sprinkles is located in Scottsdale and I think each one was about 3.25 or so.