Friday, October 11, 2013

Times is moving so quickly.

My family at the pumpkin patch
It felt like just yesterday that I posted on Gluten Free Gluttony, then I realized all my focus was on Memories And Motherhood and I knew I needed to get back to my food blog. Back to the blog that had seen me through so much. So, here I am. Hello.

Little updates: I am no longer GFCF. Just good ole GF. My son no longer nurses and we didn't see much of a change in him with the GFCF diet so we ditched it. He is gluten free though, like me, and I love having a little buddy share snacks with!

My wedding is 98% gluten free! The whole big meal is gluten free and most of my dessert options are GF! Super stoked.

Tomorrow, is a new post with a new review on it. Here is to posting regularly again! 

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