Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Health Cookies!

Check out these amazing cookies! Sweet Health Cookies. These cookies are SUGAR FREE! They are sweetened with Lo Han, not to be confused with the non-sweet, celeb serving time right now in a  CA prison, relation. Click HERE, to learn more about Lo Han.
I have to be honest, as a total sugar addicted glutton, I was nervous to try these. I LOVE sugar. I love sugar too much. I have been struggling with my love of sugar actually. I have been cutting back on my sugar intake lately because I have diabetes in my family and my Aunt who has diabetes has shown me what it can do to if one does not take care of it properly. But, it makes me aware. It makes me aware to treat my body with respect. So, I now try to only eat badly if I am reviewing products for the blog or if I really want to treat myself.

Luckily, Sweet Health Cookies are healthy. They are not only gluten free but also casein free. As I mentioned, they are diabetic friendly too! I tried two varieties, the Snickerdoodle and the Lemon Bliss. I liked the Lemon Bliss more than the Snickerdoodle. They also use organic products. I feel not only confident in their products but also like I am not cheating on my diet when I eat them.  I would feel happy taking a bag of these to my Aunt and not feel like I was taking her something that was harmful to her health.

I highly recommend these! Especially the Lemon Bliss!

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