Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Better Late Than Never... Stephanie's Birthday Lunch at Nourish!

Blogger has been having, I have been wanting to post these photos but I have been unable to.

These are from Stephanie's Birthday Lunch at Nourish!
Have you guys seen her cutie baby?
He makes me want to ovulate daily! He is so adorable! My bff is the BEST MOMMY EVER!

Lunch was fabulous! I loved it, I love Stephanie and her family. I adore Nourish. I have been there a few times before. I wrote about my first time, here. This time I ate the Italian Sub.
It was so delicious. Melissa is obsessed with the dressing they use on their sweet potato fries, she even bought some to take home!

It was wonderful to celebrate Stephanie's party. I love her! I think I made that pretty clear on my Ode to her a few posts back! Happy B-Day again!

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GF Steph said...

Aww thanks! Love this!