Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Recap from WEEK ONE!

Well, Week One wasn't quite what I wanted, to be honest. When I hit the gym I hit it hard. However, I have health problems that keep me from wanting to go. Two days I didn't make it to the gym because I had migraines that kept me from seeing straight. I actually vomited from them. I napped instead. So, I felt slightly defeated. I am fessing up. I still did the workout videos and  I worked it hard when I did go to the gym. I also clean daily so I think house work is aerobic. I also went to the pool a few times this week. That is body movement. Does that make up for missed gym time? I sure hope so! Week Two will be posted in the morning. I will also be posting the workout videos that are my favorites shortly! I love the email feedback I have been receiving. Everyone keep up the great work! Don't be shy, become a Facebook fan too!

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Kathleen said...

Swimming is great exercise!