Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amy's Spinach Rice Crust Pizza

I tried this a few days ago and I have to say that I think my review is slightly tainted. Nothing can taste as good to me as that Glutino Pizza I reviewed a few posts ago. But, in all fairness, let me back this up:
  • this crust was not nearly as crunchy...in fact I couldn't pick up the pizza and just eat it. A fork and knife were required.
  • the taste was good but the Glutino taste was better
  • the price of Glutino pizza was less at my local Sprouts Market!
Would I eat this again?


Would I purchase this again?

Sure...but not if I spot the other pizza first!

The final verdict:
This pizza is so-so!

The Stats:
I suck and I forgot to write them down before I threw out the box...sorry! Um...don't eat the whole pie and your waistline wont cry?? Does that cover it?

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