Monday, December 15, 2008

Nana's Cookie Bars...

Excuse the side view of the first picture, I am having issues with blogger today, but you are getting two reviews for one today.

I saw these on clearance at Sprouts the other week with my mom. They were two for five dollars. They are not only gluten free but also vegan. They are also made with fruit juice, no refined sugar, no artificial anything and no...well...not much of anything...which you will find out once you try them...hence being on clearance.

I did like the fudge flavor much better than the chocolate much. I would eat these in a pinch but these would not be my go to snack, but they are edible. They are no where near as bad as that soup I once reviewed.

Oh, and there were these weird little crunchy things in them. What was that? Does anyone know? The whole time my internal dialogue was freaking out about what I was consuming. All natural my gluten free bum, I bet I was eating something artificial! There was something not right about Nana's Cookie Bars.

Has anyone else had these?


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My Year Without said...

I LOVE Nana's cookies! I have come to the conclusion, though, that my palette has changed over the year, having gone all year without white refined sugar. People who eat white sugar and then try one of those cookies are not going to get the same satisfaction from a fruit-sweetened goodie... But for me, they are heavenly! I especially like the ginger flavor with a hot mug of coffee. Being sugar free is easy when there are great products like this one!