Friday, December 26, 2008


I know that the sellers of the Seacret products in Arizona are super pushy. They do not take NO for an answer. I was forced into buying this a few years ago when Jacob was maybe five months old and having a major meltdown/ crying fit. The lotion came with a nail kit they were pushing and I just bought the kit to get out of there and they brought the price down from $75 to $20.

I know, where were my hypothetical balls? I had none! My son was having a tantrum, these people didn't care that I was a new mother! They just wanted a sale and they had my hand in their possession and they kept rubbing oil on my cuticle.

So, this brings me to yesterday...

I had just gotten out of the shower and I was in a rush to get ready. My standard lotion had run out and I saw the unused and untouched Seacret lotion bottle sitting on my shelf. I opened the bottle and smelled it. It smelled like cucumber mellon and I decided to rub it all over me! It smelled like heaven. I got dressed and then I started to itch.


WAS IT OLD? I have used older lotion than that. Lotions are like Twinkies ( well, when Twinkies were on the approved food list) they don't have expiration dates...

The itching got worse.

I grabbed the bottle.
It looked like that but said Cucumber Mellon on it. Upon further inspection I found out that there was wheat in the ingredients.

Remember, it was Christmas, I guess Santa did not like me this year :(

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