Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Review! This Book Is A MUST BUY!

Day FIVE! Of Every Day Is A New Post This Week!

This was one of the first books I purchased when I was diagnosed with Celiacs. I kept eating out and still feeling like crap. This book helped me understand a lot of secrets of the restaurant business and how they snuck gluten in their meals. For example: I kept getting ill every time I would eat at this local Mexican restaurant but after reading this book, I learned that a lot of Mexican restaurants roll their rice in flour! The next time I went to the restaurant, I asked if they did that and I was told that they did.

This book also discusses the casein-free diet and food allergies. It has helpful tips to help us navigate menus and also ask the right questions. It has different sections according to the type of cuisine, so that way we can all still enjoy a variety of meals! It also has a listing of information per state of useful resources! There is much more information in this book...PICK IT UP AND PURCHASE IT!

I depended on this book so much, that I would carry it in my purse when I would go out! It is simply amazing :)

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