Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pancake & Waffel Mix

Every Day Is A New Post This Week! DAY TWO! TODAY I BRING YOU....

I like pancakes, yes I do, I like pancakes...how about you? Woo hoo! I am giddy! I like pancakes and I like this week. It is exciting!

Do you know what, I also like? I like these pancakes! Trader Joe's, you know your stuff. I am rarely disappointed in you. The packaging does not lie, it is easy to prepare! I made these for breakfast and I was full until dinner!
I am not going to post nutritional information like I normally do. You can add anything to these and it changes the stats. I served mine with butter, fresh fruit and syrup! YUM!

Pick these up and try them for yourself!

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venison said...

This mix is great for waffles too. It has really crisp edges but is still flaky inside. I split the mix into thirds which makes enough batter for 1 waffle.