Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mixes From The Heartland :Impossible Coconut Pie

Day SEVEN of Every Day is A New Post This Week!

I thought I would end this week off with an amazing food review! I was a little intimidated by the name of the mix, IMPOSSIBLE COCONUT PIE, but how hard could it really be?

I soon discovered that the Impossible Coconut Pie was not called that because of the preparation. That aspect was easy! You follow the simple directions and you have this delicious looking pie!
I baked this at my house in the morning with the plans to take it to my Boyfriend's house in the evening. I had to smell and stare at the pie all day long. It was sheer torture. I was still confused as to why this pie was called impossible. I had no problems at all making it.
I didn't even want dinner when I got to his house. I just wanted the pie. That is what happens when I have to look at a pie all day and I don't get to try it. When I cut into it, I discovered why it was called "Impossible Coconut Pie".

The top layer was full of coconut and it was a perfect firm texture. The inside, middle layer was custard like. That layer was like heaven in my mouth. The very bottom had formed a crust. However, when I made the pie, I did not have to do any work for any of this. It was impossible to expect so much greatness from such a simple mix!

I had to practice some restraint on the pie that night. When I left in the morning, I left some of the pie at my Boyfriend's house and then I took the rest home! It was just too good not to keep eating. I also had to take a plastic spoon...
I want this pie NOW...just blogging about it is making my mouth water. Mixes from the Heartland got it right!I also love that the pie is low in sodium, has no trans fat and is cholesterol free! This pie is one that I will be having again!


Kelly said...

Sounds perfect! My gf momma is coming to visit from FL this week... did you find this locally in the St. Louis area or order online?

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

I received mine online. I hope your Mom enjoys it for the visit :)

Anonymous said...

Betty Crocker has a recipe with a similar name made with their Gluten Free Bisquik. its super easy and yummy!