Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mixes From The Heartand: Pumpkin Brownie Mix

I was still salivating over my Mixes From The Heartland: Impossible Coconut Pie when I decided to try out their Pumpkin Brownie Mix. I wondered if they could have the "WOW" factor in this product like they did with their amazing pie...

The Review:

It was deja vu as I was making these brownies because it was so easy to make! I did not have to add very many ingredients and I was able to make it quickly while my Son was napping. The aroma of the pumpkin was transporting me to Thanksgiving and I longed for fall since Arizona is becoming so hot! I love how food can do that and smells too, they can totally take you to other times and places!

Once the brownies were made I couldn't wait to dig in and try them. They were perfect. It wasn't overwhelming with the pumpkin spice taste but it wasn't barely noticeable either. Mixes From The Heartland used the perfect blend of spices to get these just right. I enjoyed the brownies for days with my morning coffee! I would definitely recommend trying these.

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