Thursday, April 11, 2013

GFCF Day one

Yesterday was day one of my new GFCF life. I walked my oldest to school and from there I walked to Sprouts. I excepted Sprouts to be a Mecca of GFCF food but honestly, I was rather disappointed.  I looked at a lot of my favorite GF items and they were not GFCF so I couldn't put those in our cart. I was determined to find a variety of cheese and yogurts for us since we eat those a lot and I found it to be a challenge. I looked at Soy, Rice and Almond cheese. While many stated Dairy Free on the packaging, one look at the ingredients and I knew we couldn't purchase it because it had casein listed as an ingredient. Casein is a milk protein.

I had my notes in hand. No items with:
  • whey
  • casein (sodium caseinate, most commonly)
  • lactose (sodium lactylate, frequently)
  • lactalbumin and other names that begin with lact
  • galactose (a lactose by-product) 
I should mention that Sprouts resembled a retirement community yesterday instead of a grocery store. I was trying to make my way through the grumpy elderly people that kept trying to talk to my baby (and he wasn't in the mood) or people that were getting annoyed by my constant checking of ingredients. I accidentally grabbed a soy yogurt that was no CF because I felt like I was being annoying to the people trying to make their purchases.

I was able to find a few items to try. I purchased various soy milks and I found a brand of cheese we could eat (review to come).

After an hour and a half of scouring the store, we were able to walk back home.
My cutie and I at the end of our five mile walk!
I spent the day trying to fight a chocolate craving, reading ingredients in our cabinet and seeing what new foods I could feed the baby.

It went well. I assumed it would be harder. I think over time this will become as second nature as my GF lifestyle. 

Look for day two sometime tomorrow!

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