Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I have been crazy busy. You can read about all that on my other blog. I have about a million reviews I want to post and so many times I want to share a gf story and I cease to find the proper time. So, as my baby screams at me, I type. Because, if I don't now...I may never blog again!

My son is having developmental delays and since he is nursed they suggested that we both go GFCF. Since we are already GF going CF (Casein Free) would only be a minor adjustment.

Tomorrow, I make the change. Today I have gorged on chocolate and I had a milk shake. My last for who knows how long.

I cut out all coffee a few weeks ago because I was drinking too much and I didn't think it was good for the baby. I plan on writing down my GFCF journey. I also plan on making the time to get to the massive list of reviews I have.

So, tune in for my updates!

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