Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gluttonous Gluten Free Cake Review & My Aunt's Birthday Party GF Survial Mode...

Today was my Aunt Grace's 65th birthday! I like my Aunt Grace a lot, she is full of spunk. We went to my GG's house (she acquired new nickname today, Gross Grandma...maybe I will share that story on Endless Possibilities)

Anyway, I knew there would be some gluten free options for me to eat there. My cousin would be bringing a salad and she left off the dressing (smart!) but my Grandma is really starting to bug me. On Gluten Free Steve's blog there is a rant session and I should really utilize it because I could fill it up based on her alone. I am not trying to be disrespectful and I do love my Grandma but she does not understand what glutenings do to me (anal explosions, rectal bleeding {does this happen to anyone else?}, vomiting, rashes, bad moods, headaches, and not to mention the long term affects). I have told her 20 times what a gluten intolerance is. She doesn't get it. She doesn't get cross-contamination.

I am vigilant about reading labels. I could have a degree in it. If I eat it, I read it. Any way, there were many dishes I turned down because of items in them, she purchased chicken and told me I could eat it. I asked what kind and she told me it was from BBQ and Lemon. I got nervous and asked to see the package. Turns out that it was those chickens that you buy from the deli. I looked at the ingredients and there was barley in the BBQ chicken but the lemon was OK. Oh, and every time I tell her I cant eat something, she sighs like it is my fault. Sorry, I don't mean to be allergic, I wish I weren't! They shared the same plate but they were not touching and there was not juice flowing. No one could tell which was the BBQ chicken and which was the lemon. So, I said I was not going to risk it, plus the fact that it was already on the same plate was making me nervous. So, I said I was going to pass. My grandma then takes a piece of chicken and plops it on my plate. I get up and say to her, that she doesn't get it. I cant eat it! She took it off my plate but I still needed a new plate, it had already contaminated my plate! URRG!

Then I spent hours baking that cake yesterday and she took candles out of a cake she was about to serve and put it in one side of my GF cake. I freaked out! I was like, "You contaminated my cake!" Luckily, I feel ok and I didn't eat any of the cake where the candles were but still. " If you know something is going to make someone sick, why do it? I am losing my patience. OK, my rant is over, I hope I don't sound overly mad, I have had these issues with her before and she glutened me twice now.

Ok, Now on to the cake review!

Gluttonous Gluten Free Cake Review

Tension was high, I had a crowd of non-celiacs to please, could I pass their taste tests?

The Review:
I am not being biased because I made this cake at all. I was going to be hard on myself because I made the cake. But I really liked it.

Want proof?
By the way, I didn't actually eat all that cake! Yes, I know, I am the GF Gluten but I am not capable of eating that much cake! That piece was my non-contaminated cake! The rest was tainted cake :)

Jacob liked the cake too:
Actually, everyone liked the cake. The non gf cake that my Grandma wanted to serve remained intact and uneaten.

I don't have any nutritional info to post, I have no clue how many calories are in this cake...don't even want to think about it!

The verdict:
(Because my sister said this was the best part of the blog!)

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