Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYPD PIZZA Gluten Free Style!

Before I start my review, sorry for my lack of posts this week, I have been very under the weather. I actually started to feel ill last week and Steve decided to take me to dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. I love how considerate my partner is!

We decided to pick up pizza from New York Pizza Department. Steve ordered their non-gf pizza and wings and I ordered the GF pizza with fresh basil and pepperoni for toppings. We were out of their delivery zone, so we made the trek to pick up our order. We had made the decision to try a slice when we got there, even though we had placed "To-Go" orders so we could try the food fresh from the oven.

My slice was amazing! I was in Heaven , the combination of basil and pepperoni was out of this world. It was worth the drive! My only wish was that NYPD would make gluten free chicken wings in a dedicated fryer. I only know of one place where I can get those and they are very far away from me. NYPD is much more geographically desirable for me to drive to and Steve said his wings were wonderful.

Steve and I did get to speak to the manager, Christina,whom was very knowledgeable about not only the gluten free pizza but also the gluten free lifestyle. It was very refreshing to go to a restaurant and find staff that actually knew what they were talking about. I have only found this in a small number of establishments and I was very pleased to find this at NYPD.

Christina explained that all of the gf pizza is not only prepared in a separate part of the kitchen but it is made in its own oven.  The crust comes from Still Riding and I can vouch that the crust does not come apart easily and it is very delicious. If you are out of delivery zone, like me, you can order the pizza frozen with your desired GF toppings (only some toppings at NYPD are gf) and you can take the pizza home to cook. The pizza tastes best fresh from the oven.

I would definitely recommend NYPD to all my fellow gluten free enthusiasts. If you are in AZ, I suggest that you try it!

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