Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Email Questions Anwered!

I have been receiving a lot of reader questions, which I love! Keep sending questions! I selected two to post to the blog! If you have questions, please feel free to send them to my email. If you do not want them posted, please enclose that in your email.
  1. Michelle,

I work in a bakery, how do I not get glutened at lunch time? How do I keep myself from getting gluten all over myself?



I am assuming that your bakery is not gluten free. I suggest that you wash your hands as often as possible. Wear an apron to keep your clothes free of gluten. Try to avoid touching your face. Bring your own food from home and create a gluten free zone for it. If that is not possible, do not introduce your gf food to your work environment and eat out.
 - Michelle

2.   Dear GF Glutton-

Do you use GF skin care? What are your GF beauty tips?

- Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I have a skin care post coming up soon, I will mention a new product I have been keep a look out for it!

I am rather sensitive to gluten in products. For a while my scalp broke out and was itchy and I couldn't figure out why, finally...ok, after a few months of being unhappy (I bought the largest bottle ever of this shampoo), I read the ingredients and there was WHEAT in it! This isn't the 1st time that this happened to me. I have found wheat in my lotion and in my lip products before.

So currently, I am using an all natural, GF shampoo that I really like-

Desert Essence Red Raspberry Shampoo smells really good and I don't have to worry about my scalp hating me. I use essential oils to condition my scalp. I get regular trims (4-6 weeks) to keep my hair healthy and I either straight iron my hair or use hot rollers to curl it. If I am lazy, I let it dry naturally.

I also wear SPF daily, year round. My co-workers tease me for being so pale. I try to sleep as much as possible and I am trying to be better about my water consumption.


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