Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sometimes, you just need thank people...thank you Brendi from Venezia's Pizzeria!

Last week , Steve, Jacob and I went out for a nice night out. We went to our favorite local book store and we went to get some pizza before hand. Venezia's does not have a gluten free pizza, I called before hand, however they did have salad options, so I decided to give them a try.

When we got there, they had football on the TV, so I knew my son would be thrilled...he was for the entire time we were there.

When I ordered, Brendi carefully took my order. I explained my situation regarding my celiacs and she made sure that the cooks understood "NO CROUTONS"! She was so carefully made sure to let them know that this was an allergen situation and that they could not just remove the croutons if they made an error. She was simply amazing.

It really makes a difference when people pay attention to the needs of a celiac when they go out to eat. I want to thank Brendi and Venezia's for there help. Even though they do not have a gluten free pizza, my salad was delicious and I cannot wait to go back there again.  My family had a great time and our service was excellent.

So, celiacs- I encourage you all to think outside the gf pizza box when we go out to eat at pizza restaurants...this may not always be an option for us. We just have to be very vocal of our needs. Also, know that cross contamination is a risk...there is flour everywhere in a pizzeria. However, if we are willing to work with establishments, often they are willing to work with us.

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